Ron Howard Shouts Out ‘Friend & Colleague’ Jon Favreau After Premiere of New Film ‘Thirteen Lives’

by Sean Griffin

Ron Howard‘s new film Thirteen Lives depicts the real-life 2018 Tham Laung cave rescue. Back in 2018, a soccer team and their coach were trapped in a cave in Thailand for eighteen days. Luckily, they were rescued, and all players and the coach emerged safely.

“My friend & colleague @Jon_Favreau did me and our movie @thirteenlives the honor of intro’ing the film at a @CAA screening – it looked, sounded & played great. Fun!” he wrote in the tweet. He continued, writing, “Thanks Jon & thanks to viewers for the great responses so far. Makes us at Team #ThirteenLives proud. @primevideo.”

Jon Favreau is an actor and filmmaker known for creating and starring in many popular films. For instance, he helped create Swingers, Elf, and The Lion King and the series The Mandalorian. Favreau and Howard are similar for starting their careers as actors before switching over into writing and directing films.

Thirteen Lives contains a star-studded cast, including actors Viggo Mortenson, Joel Edgerton, and Collin Farrell. The film was shot in Australia despite the events taking place in Thailand.

However, recently, Howard gave back to Australian filmmakers by creating a program that aims to create a pipeline from Australia to Hollywood.

Ron Howard Filmed ‘Thirteen Lives’ in Australia and Now Is Giving Back to Australian Filmmakers

Brian Grazer and Happy Days star Ron Howard have been partners for a while.

They founded their production company in 1985. They named it Imagine Entertainment. Over the years, Imagine has produced dozens of successful films and TV shows. They include Friday Night Lights, 8 Mile, and J. Edgar. Imagine has produced award-winning shows. These include 24, Felicity, and The PJs.

Clearly, Ron Howard has achieved huge feats in America. However, his production company just made a few big moves. These moves will help him create on an international scale. Variety reports that Imagine Entertainment is beefing up. They’re adding to their talent programs in the Asian and Pacific regions.

First, Ron Howard’s company adds the third edition of Impact Australia. Impact Australia is a screenwriter event. So, the event hopes to accelerate the careers of screenwriters. Impact Australia will operate an eight-week program starting in September.

In the article, Variety states Impact Australia’s goal. “Its aim is to discover, cultivate and empower diverse Australian screenwriters.” The goal is to accelerate projects to be pitch-ready. The program wants products pitch-ready for producers. They continue. “Participating screenwriters will be mentored by industry-leading screenwriters.”

Grazer and Howard founded Impact Australia. It is led by CEO Tyler Mitchell. Gentle Giant Media delivers the event. Australian state and territory screen agencies support the event. Impact Australia takes place at the University of Melbourne. It occurs on the Southbank campus.

Nineteen projects were developed in the program’s initial two years. Since then, almost all the 23 alumni writers have signed with representation. For instance, Imagine recently produced Thirteen Lives in Australia.