Rosie O’Donnell Posts Video Saying She’s ‘Feeling Bad’ for Mocking Anne Heche Before Car Crash

by Suzanne Halliburton

Former The View moderator Rosie O’Donnell is regretting a joke she made about Anne Heche two decades ago in light of the actress’ fiery wreck late last week.

Anne Heche suffered severe burns and is in a coma and on ventilator at a Los Angeles hospital. The wreck happened last Friday.

As more wreck details became public, O’Donnell said she looked back on what she said about Heche during a comedy routine in 2002. O’Donnell said a Barbara Walters interview with Anne Heche inspired the jocks. In the interview, Heche promoted her book “Call Me Crazy” and talked about her struggles with mental illness. O’Donnell reexamined what she said 20 years ago through a 2022 lens.

“I can’t stop thinking about this Anne Heche accident,” O’Donnell said in a video she posted on TikTok. The comedian called the accident “horrifying,” while adding that she felt “bad that I made fun of her when she was talking to Barbara Walters about having a relationship with space aliens.”

Police suspect Anne Heche was driving while under the influence and have issued a warrant for a sample of her blood.

“If we have an honest discussion about drunk driving, we find out just how prevalent it is and that’s terrifying, isn’t it?” O’Donnell said. “I wonder if she’s OK. I think it’s a miracle that she didn’t kill anyone … and I hope she survives. But wow, what a tragic tale. That car was on fire for a long time, they say.”

She encouraged her fans to ask for help if they’re struggling with alcoholism. Don’t wait, she said, until “you’re at your lowest.”

Anne Heche Reportedly Drove at a High Rate of Speed Through a Neighborhood

Anne Heche crashed her car twice late Friday morning in Los Angeles. The first incident happened at a parking garage, when Heche reportedly hit a Jaguar. Heche then drove away from the garage. Doorbell security cameras showed Heche driving her car at a high rate of speed on a neighborhood street. She crashed into a house, with both her car and the home quickly enveloped in flames. Heche was the only one who suffered injuries in the accident. It took 59 firefighters more than an hour to put out the house fire and retrieve her from the car.

A Heche representative said Monday that his client was in extremely critical condition. Doctors placed her on a ventilator because of injuries to her lungs. And the reps said she’ll need surgery for the burns.

Celebrity hair and makeup stylist Richard Glass told the Los Angeles Times that Heche had been in his salon, shopping for wigs, right before the accidents happened. Glass said Heche didn’t appear under the influence as she bought a bright red wig that had yet to be styled. The Times said Heche wore a “strappy top, comfy pants and fluffy, plush house shoes.”

Now, let’s get back to the interview Anne Heche did with Walters in 2001. The actress and Ellen DeGeneres had broken up the year before. And Heche had just gotten married to cameraman Coley Laffoon. She was three months pregnant with her first child when the interview ran on ABC.

Heche told Walters that she created a fantasy world when she was younger and developed another personality she called Celestia, who had supernatural powers.

Several months later, O’Donnell mocked Heche’s comments. “What the hell kind of train wreck was that?” She then brought up Heche’s relationship with DeGeneres. “She couldn’t just say, ‘I was a lesbian for two years, it didn’t work out for me?’”