Roslyn Singleton, ‘America’s Got Talent’ Star, Dead at 39

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images for Faculty Productions)

Roslyn Singleton, who won the hearts of viewers the world over with her emotional appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and America’s Got Talent, has died at the age of 39, as confirmed by her husband. After a nearly 10-year battle with brain cancer, the beloved Navy veteran succumbed to the disease on November 15 following several rounds of treatment.

“WELL DONE!!” her adoring husband, Ray Singleton, wrote in an Instagram post sharing the heartbreaking news. “Our wife earned her wings yesterday while peacefully sleeping right at home where she wanted to be.”

“This road ahead is going to be INCREDIBLY long & difficult!” he continued. “She taught us all SOMETHING… She’s where we’re all trying to get one day so no need to be sad! Now we celebrate her legacy, her impact, her story & HER SPIRIT! She will LIVE FOREVER!!”

The couple rose to fame in 2020 when Ray Singleton shared a video of himself and Roslyn. In it, he sang Daniel Caesar’s “Get You” to his wife ahead of her impending brain surgery. The video went viral, catching the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who invited the couple to appear on her show.

While on the Ellen Show, Roslyn revealed the details behind the endearing yet heart-renting video and her life-threatening diagnosis. “It was Stage 3 the first time and the tumor was the size of an orange,” she explained. After her first battle against brain cancer, she went into remission for six happy years, describing herself as “perfectly healthy.”

Tragically, the cancer came back in 2020 and she immediately underwent surgery to remove the “half-dollar” sized tumor. Once the tumor was removed, she began cancer treatments.

‘America’s Got Talent’ Star Roslyn Singleton Inspired Others With Her Positivity

Though the final years of her life were no doubt painful and emotionally taxing, Roslyn Singleton remained a beacon of hope and inspiration to others through it all. During her appearance on the Ellen Show, DeGeneres remarked on the veteran’s unwavering positivity. Singleton explained that, while the fight against cancer is a difficult one, she was able to stay positive through faith.

“I have this attitude because I feel personally that god gives battles to certain people just to let other people know that it’s gonna be okay,” she said. “And I’m not gonna lie and say, ‘Brain cancer is a breeze.’ It’s not. But positive prayer, positive people.”

Just days before her death, Roslyn Singleton was given one final honor. While in hospice care, Singleton received a certificate of honor for her service in the Navy, her husband reading the certificate to her and sharing the touching moment in an Instagram video.

“We are gathered here today to honor you for your service to our country, we thank you for the sacrifices you have made, the hardships you have endured, and your willingness to risk your life in order to maintain your freedom.”

“We pay special tribute to you for your military service for the United States of America and for advancing the hope of freedom and liberty for all,” the certificate continued. “It is an honor and privilege to present you with the Veterans Recognition Pin. When you see this pin, please know that your service to the nation is deeply appreciated. We thank you and we salute you.”