Ryan Gosling Praises Sylvester Stallone As His Favorite Actor Growing Up

by Emily Morgan

While Ryan Gosling is used to people fanning out over him, the tables turned when he revealed which fellow actor he loves to watch on screen.

According to The Gray Man star, Gosling’s favorite action movie star growing up was the iconic Sylvester Stallone. 

Gosling’s choice is a solid pick. Stallone was the face behind both the Rocky and Rambo franchises. During his decades-long career, he’s starred in multiple action films and became a household name. 

During the 80s and 90s, Stallone was the powerhouse performer for all things action films. He starred in action flicks such as Cobra, Over The Top, Tango & Cash, Demolition Man, Cliffhanger, and multiple sequels to both Rocky and Rambo

Not only was he an actor, but he was also an accomplished writer and director. Stallone brought a resurgence to the action genre thanks to his work on 2010’s The Expendables, which has two sequels in the works, with The Expendables 4 coming soon. 

As for The Notebook star, Gosling is currently venturing into the world of indie films. However, early in his career, he opted for roles in more mainstream films such as Half Nelson, Lars and the Real Girl, Blue Valentine, and Crazy, Stupid Love

Ryan Gosling ‘misses’ the heyday of Sylvester Stallone

Later, the established actor began to delve into more arthouse-oriented films such as the critically-acclaimed Drive, Gangster Squad, The Nice Guys, and Blade Runner 2049. 

He recently starred in the Russo Brothers-directed The Gray Man, a $200 million action movie that debuts on Netflix on July 22nd.

While chatting with MTV News, he was asked who his favorite action star growing up was, which he said was none other than Stallone, saying that Stallone wasn’t just a good action star but a good actor. 

Gosling even said he misses seeing Stallone’s heyday when he was the top actor of the times. 

“I think, look, Stallone. Stallone. He’s such a good actor. So you got action, but you’ve got these, like, amazing characters at the center of it. It was just like, it was a beautiful marriage. I miss those days.”

Gosling isn’t the only one who’s missing “those days.” Sadly, Stallone’s career had an unfortunate decline in the early 2000s. However, the actor has since seen a resurgence, performing in sequels to Rambo and appearances in the Rocky spinoff franchise, Creed

Stallone also appeared in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and voiced King Shark in The Suicide Squad

His fans can see him next in The Expendables 4, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Prime Video’s Samaritan, and his first TV role with Taylor Sheridan’s Tulsa King

However, the actor has since moved away from the Rocky/Creed franchise. Still, he has recently been trying to get some of his rights back for Rocky, saying he has none of them even after birthing the character and starring in/directing numerous sequels.