Salma Hayek Wishes Followers a ‘Happy Monday’ with Photo

by Samantha Whidden

On Monday, “From Dusk till Dawn” actress Salma Hayek took to Instagram to wish her followers a happy new week with a stunning snapshot.

“Ready for the week,” Salma Hayek declared in the social media post. The snapshot featured the actress donning a gorgeous dark bikini with a blue and white wrap with the ocean in the background. She also translated the caption into Spanish. “Lista para la semana.” 

Salma Hayek recently finished the production of her upcoming film “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.” The follows Puss in Boot as he discovers that his passion for adventure has taken its tool. He has burned through eight of his nine lives. “Puss sets out on an epic journey to find the mythical Last Wish and restore his nine lives.”

Hayek is returning to the franchise as Kitty Softpaws, who originally was an adversary that became the love interest for Puss (played by Antonio Banderas). Starring alongside Hayek and Banderas is Harvey Guillen, Florence Pugh, and John Mulaney. The film will be hitting theaters on December 21, 2022. 

Salma Hayek Reveals Her Thoughts on Working With Antonio Banderas in ‘Puss in Boots’ 

While speaking to the Huffington Post in 2011, Salma Hayek spoke about teaming up with Antonio Banderas in the “Puss in Boots” franchise. The duo has worked together in various films including “Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard,” “Frida,” “Desperado,” Once Upon a Time in Mexico,” and “Four Rooms.”

“Yes, I thought, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe my luck!’” Hayek stated about her first reaction on working with Banderas in the film. “Because you think after you play with Antonio so many times. No one is going to pair you up with him again, so it never crossed my mind that I was going to be able to not only play with him again but do such a good movie. I love it!”

Also speaking about her “Puss in Boots” role, Hayek went on to declare, “She’s wonderful. This is one of the best female characters I’ve played, really! She’s an action hero, she is just as good with the sword, she’s the best thief, she dances well, and she’s an equal.”

Hayek also said that her daughter, Valentina, was highly impressed with her at the time. “For the first time I see her see me with different eyes,” Hayek explained. She then revealed what cartoons her daughter was into at the time. “Right now she loves ‘The Lion King.’ As far as TV goes, my favorite one to watch with her is ‘Little Bear,’ but I think she’s getting a little too old for that one,” she added.