Salon Owner Anne Heche Visited Before Fatal Crash Speaks Out

by Caitlin Berard

On August 5, the quiet Los Angeles neighborhood of Mar Vista was thrown into chaos when a blue Mini Cooper came careening down the street at 90 MPH. After smashing into a nearby apartment complex garage, the car finally came to a stop – deep inside another person’s home.

The severity of the crash caused a fire in both the house and the vehicle, leading to irreversible damage to the home and life-threatening injuries to the driver. Neighbors attempted to help the driver to safety but were unable to do so before she was engulfed by the smoke and flames.

When first responders finally freed her from the car, they were shocked to find that the driver was Anne Heche. The actress was transported to a nearby hospital, where she remained in critical condition until ultimately slipping into a coma from which she never awoke.

Rumors Swirl Surrounding Anne Heche’s Gruesome Crash

The circumstances surrounding the grisly incident sparked rumors and speculation across the country. What was Anne Heche doing before the crash? Was she on any substances that could cause such reckless behavior?

The LAPD launched an investigation into Anne Heche and the crash, obtaining a warrant to test her blood for drugs and alcohol. And, as many suspected, the results were positive for illegal substances. Specifically, cocaine and fentanyl.

As the latter substance is used in pain medication in hospitals, it was unclear whether the fentanyl was in her system at the time of the crash. But that fact did nothing to quell the rumors rising once again surrounding Anne Heche’s drug use. Where did she get the drugs? When did she take them?

This led to many unsubstantiated claims, one of which being that the last person she was with likely knew of her drug use and allowed her to get behind the wheel anyway. And that person was Richard Glass, the owner of the salon Anne Heche visited before the deadly crash.

Richard Glass Speaks Out Against Baseless Accusations

Now, Richard Glass is speaking out against these rumors. Not only is he horrified that anyone would believe he was capable of such a heinous act but the salon owner feels terrible that he didn’t see the signs that Anne Heche was struggling sooner.

“There are people who are nice, and there are people who are just evil,” Richard Glass tearfully explained to TMZ. “You know, making accusations that I had something to do with what her toxicology report said. It’s just a lot.”

“They’re saying that [Anne Heche] could’ve gotten the cocaine or the fentanyl from me,” he continued. “Because I was the last person to see her. I’ve never done any type of drugs! I don’t do that. I’m not that person.”

“It’s been really tiring and taxing. I just feel a huge remorse… I feel like I could’ve done something more. Like the universe sent her here for me to impact some kind of way. And I just feel like I didn’t do everything that I was supposed to…to keep her here. To protect her.”

“I’m extremely emotional about it,” he said, once more fighting back tears. “Because it’s just wearing on my heart. This woman, she needed help. And I wasn’t there enough.”