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Savannah Chrisley Reveals Update on Brother Grayson After Car Crash

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by: USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

We’re getting an update from Savannah Chrisley on the health and well-being of Grayson Chrisley after his auto accident. Grayson, 16, was hospitalized after he got into a crash back on November 12 on a Tennessee interstate highway. He suffered some bumps and bruises reportedly, along with a possible head injury. But there’s good news.

Savannah Chrisley headed over to her Unlocked podcast for November 29 and flat-out said, “He’s okay. He’s beat up, but he’s okay,” Savannah Chrisley, 25, said. “It could have been worse, so thank the good Lord above.” Savannah, on the day of the accident, was the first person that Grayson called.

Savannah Chrisley Spills Details About Grayson’s Health

She joked, “I think he called me ’cause he was so afraid of getting in trouble, and he felt I could save him from it,” E! Online reports. But she made her way to the accident scene. When she got there, the damage that Grayson had suffered was much, much worse. “When I tell you the whole front of his truck, every airbag deployed, like, it was bad,” Savannah, known for being on Growing Up Chrisley, said.

“(And) When I showed up and saw it, literally, my heart sank.” Grayson’s car crash took place days before parents Todd and Julie Chrisley were sentenced in their federal tax fraud case on November 21. Grayson, looking at the family’s legal troubles, just felt more guilt over the accident. “The first thing that he said was, ‘This was the last thing that everyone needed,'” Savannah said.

But the good news about all of this is that Grayson managed to get through the car crash relatively unscathed. “Dad was like, ‘Grayson, you’re alive. You’re safe. Who cares?'” Savannah said during the episode. It was recorded before Todd and Julie’s sentencing. “‘It’s a car. That’s what insurance is for. You’re alive and you’re safe and you’re well.'”

Savannah also noted that Grayson got a warm welcome home from 10-year-old niece Chloe Chrisley when he returned from the hospital. Meanwhile, Savannah opened up after the news of her parent’s conviction came down. She headed over to Instagram to repost a quote from Pastor Kimberly Jones-Pothier, also known as Real Talk Kim.

The post from Twitter that Savannah Chrisley shared reads, “Noah didn’t stop building the ark to explain himself to everyone who doubted and hated on him. Keep building your ark. The rain will do the talking.” There appear to be more details around the ramifications of the sentencing for the Chrisleys.