Sean Connery’s Widow Stuns in Bikini Pics at 93: PHOTOS

by Joe Rutland

If you want to feel young at heart no matter your age, then take look at these recent pictures of the widow of Sean Connery. In a number of photos from Saskia Connery, Micheline Roquebrune, her grandmother, is defying Father Time in a big way. She’s showing off a 93-year-old body in a bikini. We kid you not. Just flip past this first photo from Saskia and you will see both of them together. Roquebrune and Connery were married in 1975 and remained that way until his death in 2020. These photos come from the Bahamas, where according to the New York Post, they were all on vacation.

One fan wrote in the comments, “Very cool and Go Grandmaw!” Another one said, “Beautiful girls !!” The one tosses in this comment: “What a body for 93. Go her.” Then, another fan said, “She looks amazing!” Another fan of Saskia Connery wrote, “Just breaking the internet over here.” This one added, “I must say for 90 plus she’s well nice, must have been a beauty in her day like the granddaughter.” According to the Post, Roquebrune and Connery lived on New Providence Island in the Bahamas. When Connery died in 2020, he was 90 years old. Both of them initially crossed paths at a golf tournament in Morocco.

Kevin Costner Recalled Humorous Story Involving Sean Connery

Of course, Sean Connery always will be connected with playing the famed 007 James Bond in multiple films. But he also appeared in The Hunt for Red October, The Untouchables, and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Did you know at one time, people came to see Clint Eastwood and offer him an opportunity to play Bond? Apparently, that happened but the Dirty Harry actor and director just turned that down. In essence, he said that the role was someone else’s gig and he didn’t want to do it. That sounds good to us, too.

When it came to The Untouchables, you had some star power going down here. Sure, Connery was in there but so was Kevin Costner, better known these days for playing John Dutton in the Taylor Sheridan show Yellowstone. Costner would recall a story that involved both men while they were on location in Chicago for the movie. Costner shared with talk-show host Rich Eisen that there was a cute girl trying to get his attention.

Costner was done chatting with Connery and decided that he would go over and see what’s going on here. “And I think, ‘Well, I’ll stroll over and see what she really wants,'” Costner said. “So I did. I walked and she was behind the ribbon. I got really close to her and she goes, ‘Could you get me Sean’s autograph?'”