See Anne Heche’s Last Instagram Post

by Shelby Scott

Before Anne Heche fell into a coma after becoming involved in a fiery car crash, the 53-year-old actress shared a joyful post on Instagram. The July post saw her behind the scenes of her latest film role. Since the crash last week, news on her condition has worsened, although her final post sees her alongside the “Lawrence Bros” filming for an upcoming movie. Check it out.

Anne Heche’s final Instagram post features two photos. One a selfie with actor Joey Lawrence, his wife Samantha Cope Lawrence, and the actor’s brother, Andrew Lawrence.

Holding the phone in her right hand, the actress snaps a selfie. The second sees her sandwiched between Joey and Samantha Lawrence. For the shoot, Heche donned bright white pants, a hot pink wrap cardigan, and soft pink lipstick.

According to the Daily Mail, Anne Heche’s final post came on the set of Frankie Meets Jack. The film is about a couple who falls in love “through their dogs being best friends.” Joey and Samantha are the stars of the film while Heche had a “bit” part. Her section of the film was shot in Braintree, Massachusetts. Her second-to-last post also saw her on the set of Frankie Meets Jack. The first time though, she playfully wrote in the caption, “My summer job!”

Heche’s joyful outlook in Boston and alongside the Lawrence brothers makes knowledge of her accident that much more heartbreaking.

Anne Heche’s Final Moments

Anne Heche initially made headlines last week after the nation learned she was in a horrific car accident. Heche previously sped through a residential neighborhood at 90 miles per hour in a blue Mini Coop. She then hit an apartment complex garage and then a nearby home, sending up both into a blaze.

As the investigation into the wreck continues, authorities found evidence of narcotics in Anne Heche’s system. They specifically noted cocaine and possibly fentanyl. Authorities made the statement earlier this week. Evidence of narcotics came based on Heche’s bloodwork following the crash.

A day following the announcement that Heche was to be taken off life support, the actress passed away. Immediately following the wreck, Heche’s vehicle was so embedded in the LA home that it took first responders over half an hour to free her from the vehicle.

Based on an account from a bystander, nearby neighbor David Manpearl, Anne Heche’s final moments were likely terrifying. Immediately following the crash, Manpearl ran to the actress’s aid. However, there was no way to extract her from the vehicle before first responders arrived.

“I tried speaking with her a few times asking if she was okay but she wasn’t responding so I had to get closer,” the samaritan explained. “I was able to open the back door of the car and crawled half-way inside. This time when I asked her if she was okay, she said no.”

Describing the scene, Manpearl said, “The fire just got bigger and bigger while she was sitting there stuck in the car. The flames were licking the ceiling of the car and just closing in on her.”