See ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Jon Hamm in New Trailer for Reboot of Chevy Chase Classic

by Craig Garrett

Paramount has released a new trailer for Confess, Fletch, starring Jon Hamm as the titular (former) investigative reporter. It’s been nearly 50 years since writer Gregory Mcdonald introduced the world to Irwin M. Fletcher in the novel Fletch. Fletch is a journalist and Marine veteran with a sarcastic streak. The book was adapted into a film starring Chevy Chase in 1985.

McDonald also wrote 11 sequels to the novel. That means there’s a wealth of source material to adapt for the big screen. Jon Hamm is stepping into the role with many fans hoping it’s the start of a new film franchise. Superbad director Greg Mottola is helming Confess, Fletch. He assures fans that Hamm stays true to the classic character. “Fletch is a guy who’s usually the smartest person in the room,” Mottola told Entertainment Weekly. “Certainly, he’s a smartass.”

In Confess, Fletch, the former investigative reporter is living in Europe and writing about less dangerous subjects like art and travel. However, that all changes when he is hired to find the people who stole several million dollars worth of art from a count’s villa near Rome. See how well Jon Hamm fills Chevy Chase’s shoes below.

Jon Hamm is joined by some familiar faces in Confess, Fletch

“Fletch comes to Boston to track down a bunch of stolen paintings, and the first day he’s there, he discovers a dead body in the Airbnb he’s staying in,” explains Mottola. “The police think he’s the murderer, so he has to simultaneously find the stolen art and clear his name.”

Joining Jon Hamm in the film are Roy Wood Jr., Marcia Gay Harden, Lorenza Izzo, and Kyle MacLachlan. Also appearing in the film is Hamm’s Mad Men costar, John Slattery. Their Mad Men chemistry is likely to shine through in this film, too. Slattery plays Fletch’s former editor in Boston. “This is essentially the same character who was Fletch’s editor in the first Fletch movie, played by Richard Libertini,” explains Mottola. “They have a love-hate relationship.”

According to Mottola, Jon Hamm suggested Slattery for the part. “I’d met John over the years, and I really, really enjoy him as an actor, so I loved the idea,” Mottola said. “It was actually the first day of shooting all of their stuff, and it was a great first day because those guys have such a shorthand that they just immediately fell into a very funny, enjoyable rhythm.”

Jon Hamm’s take on Fletch will stand apart from the 1980s version

However, one actor you might expect to appear won’t be joining Jon Hamm. Chevy Chase wasn’t invited to be in the film, even as a cameo. The director explained he loves Chase, but felt that the new film should stand apart from the 1980s Fletch movies. “There’s a lot of things Chevy did that aren’t in the Fletch books: his style of comedy, the slapstick, and all the different names and disguises. We thought it wouldn’t be right to steal them. We reference the original, we pay homage to it, but we tried to really balance it halfway between a detective mystery and a comedy, possibly more than the original.”

Confess, Fletch drops on September 16th in theaters and on demand.