Sharon Osbourne Calls Out Johnny Depp, Amber Heard After Trial: ‘Move on With Life’

by Shelby Scott
sharon-osbourne-calls-out-johnny-depp-amber-heard-after trial-move-on-with-life

For weeks, the world had its eyes locked on Hollywood icons and former couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as they battled out their differences in a broadcast defamation trial. Now, just days ago, the jury reached a settlement, naming Heard, for the most part, the aggressor in their marriage, awarding Depp a total of $15 million in damages while the actress saw just $2 million in compensation. Now, with the public waiting to see what comes following the decision, British TV personality Sharon Osbourne is calling out both stars, begging them to “move on with life.”

According to the Daily Mail, the longtime “The View” host has labeled Depp and Heard’s past relationship “toxic.” More specifically she said of the couple, “It’s very ugly, for both of them. Listen, what goes on at home between two people, nobody knows all the ugly details – and we all have our ugliness in every relationship but theirs was extreme.”

Afterward, she added, “Just move on with life.”

In contrast, the outlet reported Osbourne remained outspoken in her support for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” icon during much of the trial. After his legal team saw the court case win, the 69-year-old called Depp a “gentle soul.”

That said, Sharon Osbourne did admit, “Sometimes, I suppose, he lost his rag, but as a human being he’s a good human being.”

Sharon Osbourne Thinks Johnny Depp Will Pick Up ‘Threads’ of His Career

Whether or not Johnny Depp and Amber Heard decide to take Sharon Osbourne’s advice and move on with life, they’re both definitely facing a lot of challenges. And during her appearance on “Lorraine,” the former “America’s Got Talent” judge shared what some of those challenges might be.

“I think he’s going to get his career back,” Osbourne said of her friend. “I really do.”

During her latest TV appearance, she explained that the biggest influencer in Depp’s return to his career is the size of his audience.

“I think that all the great big filmmakers will want Johnny because when it comes down to it, it’s how strong an audience you have,” she explained. “Johnny Depp has a huge worldwide audience.”

As per the outlet, Sharon Osbourne and Johnny Depp both made appearances at Royal Albert Hall in West London on Monday, with the latter joining English guitarist Jeff Beck. Of her time at the hall, Osbourne said, “It was great because Jeff Beck is playing on [Ozzy Osbourne‘s] album, and it was just an amazing night[,] it was incredible.”

Ahead of her “Lorraine” appearance, Sharon Osbourne took a moment to step in front of the camera herself, though not in the way we might be thinking. As one of our favorite TV stars, Osbourne has paparazzi following her consistently. However, in a humorous photo, she “turned the tables” on two photographers, stepping in front of them to snap a photo alongside them.

Of the two men, she said, “These two were actually very sweet guys!”

See the photo for yourself here.