Sharon Osbourne Credits Famous Rapper for Rescuing Daughter Aimee From Deadly Fire

by Shelby Scott

A deadly fire broke out at a Hollywood recording studio on Thursday evening, rapidly engulfing the building. The fire also resulted in one death. Following the fire, famous TV personality Sharon Osbourne revealed her daughter Aimee had been one of the lucky occupants to escape. Now, two days after the blaze ignited, the icon is thanking famous rapper Jamal Rajad for rescuing her daughter, crediting him with saving her life.

According to the Daily Mail, Osbourne shared her gratefulness with the artist following a post on Rajad’s wife’s Instagram stories. She replied to the post, “Your husband alerting her literally saved her life. THANK YOU.”

While Rajad and Osbourne safely made it out of the building, the outlet reports 26-year-old producer, Nathan Avery Edwards, or, professionally, Avery Drift, lost his life in the fire, while two others sustained injuries.

Aimee Osbourne, who professionally goes by her initials ARO, spoke out about the loss of the young producer. In her own post, she wrote, “I am still in complete [and] utter shock [and] finding it unbearable to sit still long enough to feel [and] comprehend that Avery did not make it out.”

She continued, “If there was anything any of us could have done, we would have. I can’t piece the words together to describe how utterly terrifying yesterday was.”

The artist concluded her Instagram story, writing, “I am sending all the love I have to Avery’s friends [and] family.”

Sharon Osbourne Speaks About Building Code Safety Following Hollywood Fire

News of Aimee Osbourne’s escape from the fire came via Sharon Osbourne’s Friday morning post. There, she shared her relief that her daughter managed to escape the blaze relatively unharmed. However, amid her relief, the TV personality also demanded greater attention to building structure safety in the future. As per the Daily Mail, the 100-year-old building did not have a sprinkler system.

Part of her original post read, “What happened today was beyond horrific. I really hope moving forward that buildings like this are better regulated for fire safety. This building was a creative hub for music in Hollywood, a space that should have been regulated for fire code.”

Current reports attribute the endurance of the blaze to soundproofing within the recording studio. LA Fire Department Captain Erik Scott said, “The studios had sound deadening: so that’s thick walls, extra insulation, double drywall and thick windows that held in all of the heat and smoke, making this a very hot and intense firefight.”

As per the outlet, it took 78 firefighters about an hour to extinguish the blaze.

Sharon Osbourne shared that in addition to a life lost, many artists and industry professionals lost all of their equipment. A hip-hop artist by the name of Maximilian estimates his personal material losses amount to about $50,000.