Sharon Osbourne Posts Moving Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II After Her Death

by Joe Rutland

Sharon Osbourne is adding her voice to the millions of people around the world who have paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth died at her home at Balmoral Castle on Thursday. She was 96 years old. Osbourne is from the United Kingdom and recently returned home. She and her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, have stated that they are coming back to the UK after living in Los Angeles. On Thursday, though, Sharon’s thoughts were with Queen Elizabeth II.

Fans were filling up her comments section with their own condolences and well-wishes for the queen. She has been a staple for millions of people in Great Britain for decades. Leaders from around the world have been expressing their own sadness over this news. Sharon Osbourne obviously has some affection for the royal family. News upon when a funeral will take place has not been released as of Thursday afternoon.

Sharon Osbourne Speaks Out About Cancel Culture Problems

Sharon and Ozzy have shared moments from their lives throughout the years. They remain one of rock music’s most beloved couples. Ozzy, of course, has been the rock star while Sharon has her own career. She recently started up another talk show in the United Kingdom titled The Talk. If that title sounds familiar, well it should. She was part of a CBS talk show titled The Talk as well.

But Thursday, though, for Sharon was all about the queen and her death. She, like many others, will be watching with great interest as King Charles III now takes over the throne. What might change with him in charge? People might be asking themselves this question. But the love and admiration for Queen Elizabeth II are quite prevalent on Thursday. The official word about the queen’s death would come over The Royal Family’s Twitter account. BBC interrupted regular programming to make the announcement to its listeners.

Meanwhile, in a new docuseries from Fox Nation, Sharon Osbourne is blasting the “woke mob” mentality. She talked about what was happening to her and Ozzy in their lives. Sharon will talk about the issues of cancel culture in her docuseries, too. “I had to handle these nutcases threatening me,” she said. “Saying they were going to come in the night, cut my throat, cut my husband’s throat, cut my animals up. I had some people who supported me so much, and they started to get harassed and they started on Ozzy…” This docuseries will be titled Sharon Osbourne: To Hell & Back and reportedly be on Fox Nation. Fox News initially reported about this new series coming up on TV. Sharon is never one to shy away from sharing her opinions.