Sharon Osbourne Reflects on ‘Special Year’ Marking 40th Anniversary with Ozzy Osbourne

by Alex Falls

It’s been one heck of a year for Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. On top of Ozzy receiving life-changing surgery, they’re also celebrating 40 years together as a married couple as of July 4th. The wife of the legendary rock music star marked the occasion with a celebratory Instagram post.

“2022 is a special year for me. It marks 40 years of marriage to my darling Ozzy,” Sharon wrote in her heartfelt post. “We first met when I was 18, over 52 years we have been friends, lovers, husband & wife, grandparents and soulmates. Always at each other’s side. I love you Ozzy ~ Sharrrrrrron x”

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne met in the early 1970s. Sharon’s father acted as business manager for Black Sabbath, the illustrious heavy metal band that put Ozzy on the map. They started dating in 1979 and got married 1982. They have three children together, Aimee, Kelly, and Jack.  

The couple has had their ups and downs in their 40 years together. Later on, she became his manager in addition to his wife. Much of their relationship was put on display on TV in their popular MTV series, The Osbournes. Ozzy also became known for his exploits off stage as much as in front of an audience. Years of substance abuse took a toll on his physical condition and also on their marriage.

The Osbournes Almost Didn’t Make it to 40 Years

Marriage can be a difficult road to travel even for the strongest bonds. In early 2016, Sharon announced she was ending things with Ozzy after years together. She made the statement at the time, “I’m 63 years of age, and I can’t keep living like this. I don’t know where I’m going, who I’m going with. And I just need time to think.”

Eventually, the iconic couple did reconcile. Sharon reflected on the separation and said her husband was embarrassed and ashamed of the behavior that led to it. “I can’t speak for him but for me, but yes, I forgive. It’s going to take a long time to trust but, you know, we’ve been together for 36 years, 34 of marriage, and it’s more than half of my life and I just can’t think of my life without him. He’s going to pay for it though, big time.”

The ups and downs of their relationship will become the focus of an upcoming film from Sony Pictures. According to Variety, the biopic will detail their decades-long bond and the impact the couple had on pop culture.

“Our relationship at times was often wild, insane, and dangerous, but it was our undying love that kept us together,” Sharon said in a statement announcing the film’s development. “We’re thrilled to partner with Sony Pictures and Polygram to bring our story to the screen.”

The film is currently in development, but a release date has not been confirmed.