Sharon Osbourne Returns to ‘The Talk UK’ After Positive COVID Test

by Emily Morgan

Sharon Osbourne recently made her highly-anticipated return to daytime TV. However, there’s a catch: it wasn’t in America.

Osbourne made an emotional return to TV on Tuesday night when she returned to “The Talk UK.” The event marked her first TV appearance since Osbourne flew back to the US to be with her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, after he contracted COVID-19.

Although she planned to go back home after her husband recuperated, she stayed longer after contracting the virus. Things seemed to go from bad to worse when their eldest daughter, Aimee, nearly died in a deadly fire.

During her appearance on “The Talk UK,” she spoke with panelists Ian Collins, Vanessa Feltz, James Max, and JJ Anisiobi to discuss some of the family’s struggles in the past weeks.

“It’s a huge welcome back to the studio for Sharon, who has had absolutely every single thing that a human being could possibly experience going on the past few weeks. I’m not joking,” said guest host, Vanessa.

“You’ve had Covid. Ozzy’s had Covid.” Sharon replied, “Kelly had it, her partner. Ozzy’s nurse had it, the whole house.”

Vanessa then asked the former reality TV star about her husband being the victim of theft, asking, “He almost had his wardrobe stolen?” Osbourne replied, “Yes, in a car, drove off with all his clothes for a photoshoot.”

Osbourne also discussed the recent tragedy that involved their daughter, Aimee. She narrowly survived a fire at a Los Angeles recording studio last week.

“She was trapped in the studio on the second floor, and the fire was on the ground floor,” she told the panel. “And she couldn’t get out the windows.” She later revealed that fire tragically claimed someone’s life.

Sharon Osbourne leans on family’s happy news despite struggles

Despite all the bad news, there were a few happy moments Osbourne discussed. The former “X-Factor” judge told the panel about good news surrounding her youngest daughter, Kelly. She recently announced that she’s expecting her first child. In addition, her son Jack is also expecting his first child with his fiancée Aree Gearhart.

Kelly, 37, revealed that she was pregnant with her first child earlier in May. She is expecting with Slipknot band member Sid Wilson. Jack and his fiancée Aree Gearhart recently celebrated their baby shower in which both Kelly and her baby bump were in attendance.

Recently, TMZ revealed some pics where Kelly Osbourne shows off her baby bump while attending the baby shower for her sister-in-law. Glowing from her pregnancy, Osbourne was all smiles as she celebrated another Jack and his fiancée’s first child together.

“I know that I have been very quiet these past few months,” Kelly said in a May 12 Instagram post, announcing the big news. “So I thought I would share with you all as to why. I am over the moon to announce that I am going to be a Mumma,” Kelly told her followers.

“To say that I am happy does not quite cut it,” she added. “I am ecstatic!”