Sharon Osbourne Reveals Son Jack Is Expecting a Baby in Sweet Shower Pics

by Leanne Stahulak

Already a grandmother of three, Sharon Osbourne celebrated her newest grandchild with her son, Jack, and his fiancée Aree Gearhart earlier this weekend.

Sharon Osbourne’s son has three children with his ex-wife Lisa Stelly. Jack and Lisa got married in 2012, shortly after the birth of their first daughter, Pearl. Their second daughter, Andy Rose, was born in 2015. And their third daughter Minnie Theodora came into the world in 2018. But in March 2019, the couple’s divorce was finalized.

Jack went public with his relationship with Aree Gearhart in November 2019. The pair got engaged this past December and announced that a new member would join the family back in March. Now, Sharon Osbourne, her son, and her soon-to-be daughter-in-law are celebrating together.

“Beautiful Day celebrating another baby on the way! @JackOsbourne & Aree,” Sharon captioned her post on Twitter earlier. She also included gorgeous photos from the baby shower, featuring her and Aree posing together as well as Jack and Aree.

Sharon Osbourne Talks Being a Grandmother to Her Son Jack’s Children

After the birth of her first grandchild, Pearl, in 2012, Sharon Osbourne sat down with PEOPLE to talk about what it’s like being a first-time grandmother.

“It’s all overwhelming,” Sharon told PEOPLE at the time. “But in a good way — in a really positive, lovely way. It’s just amazing.”

Even back then, she already couldn’t wait to have more grandkids. But she expected that she might receive more from one of her two daughters, Kelly or Aimee Osbourne.

“I’ve got two more girls to marry off,” she said. “There will be more grandkids!”

Instead, Sharon Osbourne’s son Jack had two more grandkids with Lisa Stelly. Back when Pearl was first born, Sharon’s husband Ozzy Osbourne imparted some words of wisdom to his youngest son.

“[He told Jack,] this is a love that is so special,” Sharon revealed. “He said, ‘You will never experience a love like this, other than a father and a daughter. It’s a very, very special love.’”

When Sharon was still a co-host of “The Talk,” she gushed about the newest member of the family during a 2012 episode.

“[Pearl’s] healthy and gorgeous,” Sharon said during the episode. “It’s like a new life. There’s nothing like it, nothing like to witness it. It’s just an amazing event.”

Made more amazing by the fact that Lisa Stelly allowed Sharon to be in the hospital room during delivery. When describing the experience, Sharon touched on the emotions of it all.

“You go through every emotion,” she said. “You go through joy and you thank God that everybody is healthy and happy. You realize how lucky you are. It’s like life has gone full cycle in our family.”