Sharon Osbourne Reveals Three Controversial Topics She Won’t Discuss After Being ‘Canceled’

by Alex Falls

Sharon Osbourne has spent decades in the public eye. She famously served as her husband Ozzy’s manager for most of his eventful career. Plus, she built a career as a TV personality hosting The Sharon Osbourne Show and co-hosting The Talk.

But it all nearly came to an end last year when she was fired from The Talk. She defended some divisive comments made by her friend Piers Morgan which led to an on-air confrontation with her co-host Sheryl Underwood. Osbourne’s behavior was considered harsh and aggressive. She was effectively “canceled” after the incident and mostly stayed out of the spotlight.

But now she’s venturing back into the TV realm to tell her side of the story. The upcoming documentary series from Fox Nation, Sharon Osbourne: To Hell & Back, will feature Osbourne herself recounting her tumultuous exit from The Talk and how the experience changed her look on life.

She sat down for an interview with Daily Mail TV ahead of the new documentary to give new details into her thoughts after the confrontation.

“I learned a lot through it but you are who you are. I am not a racist. Never said one racist thing,” Sharon said. “People are woke, it’s a whole different world out there. People conduct themselves differently now… It’s scary when you can say one thing and it gets distorted or people don’t understand the context.”

Sharon Osbourne Leaves the Past Behind Her

Previously, Osbourne has claimed the incident with Underwood on The Talk was actually orchestrated by show executives who deliberately wanted to generate controversy. But when asked if she regretted what was said on the show, she vehemently said “no, no, no.”

But she has still done her best to learn from the experience. For example, she stays far away from discussing three specific topics in the public.

“There are three things I never want to talk about, religion, politics and minority groups because you can never win,” Osbourne said. “There will be 50 percent that agree with you and 50 that think you’re an a**hole. And the 50 percent who don’t agree become judge, jury and executioner.”

After her exit from The Talk, Osbourne faced major public scrutiny. She and her family became the subject of death threats. She was even forced to hire 24-hour security and undergo months of therapy to deal with the trauma. But Osbourne is ready to move the experience behind her and move on with her life.

“You have to let it go,” Osbourne said. “But, I can still talk about it. My feelings of anger and frustration have gone. If I had taken that around with me. It’s too much, I would have given them too much by carrying them around. You have to learn to let that go. Do I think I was unfairly treated? Yes. Am I gonna be on my dying day still talking about CBS? No way.”