Sharon Osbourne Speaks Out About Welcoming Fourth Grandchild

by Samantha Whidden

Following the birth of Jack Osbourne and his fiancee Aree Gearhart’s daughter, Maple, Sharon Osbourne is opening up about welcoming her fourth grandchild. 

While speaking on “The Talk,” Sharon Osbourne gushed about Maple and what the newborn means to the Osbourne family. “It’s just, you know I call children sunshine and my sunshine and it’s just, look at her! Beautiful little teddy bear. Just wonderful.”

Sharon Osbourne said that Jack’s other children picked out the newborn’s name. The talk show host previously shared a snapshot of Maple. “Born 7-09-2022. 7.13lbs Ozzy and I are over the [moon]  @seecreature & Maple are happy and healthy! @jackosbourne fasten your seatbelt.”

Along with announcing her new grandchild, Sharon Osbourne revealed earlier this week that she is returning to “The Talk” officially. “Hello my darlings,” she declared in a video. “I am so happy to be back here in Britain. Now, I want you to tune in and watch me tonight on ‘The Talk’ where I’m going to be spilling all the tea. And I mean ALL the tea.”

Sharon Osbourne Goes After Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Following Keynote Speech on Nelson Mandela Day 

Earlier this month, Sharon Osbourne shared her thoughts with Piers Morgan about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after the British royal delivered a keynote speech to make Nelson Mandela Day. 

According to Express, Morgan opened up the conversation by discussing Tom Bower’s book about Markle and Prince Harry. “It paints a pretty awful picture actually of the pair of them,” Morgan explained. “And we have this bizarre speech by Harry on Nelson Mandela Day this week, sort of linking their own strides for freedom to that of Nelson Mandela’s 27 years in prison.”

When asked what she “makes” of the couple and what’s going on with them, Sharon Osbourne had some thoughts. “I think they’re lost and I think that they’re trying to find their place in the world – I think they’re totally lost. I mean, one minute they’re making a cartoon and then they’re making a documentary on them and then they’re saving the world. They just haven’t found their path in life yet, I really believe that.”

Sharon Osbourne repeatedly said the couple is lost and floundering. Morgan then said, “Should they be allowed to use the royal titles to fleece the system and make all this money and pretend to be like a rival Royal Family? That’s what sticks in my gullet about it.”

Sharon Osbourne went on to add, “I just don’t – I haven’t from day one been into the fact that talking about private things that went on in the Royal Family when they were a part of it. And the thing is it’s just their point of view, we haven’t had the other point of view.”