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Sharon Osbourne ‘Very Worried’ About Ozzy Osbourne Testing Positive for COVID-19

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Showtime)

While speaking out about Ozzy Osbourne’s current health condition, his wife, Sharon Osbourne, revealed she is concerned about him having COVID-19.

TMZ reports that during a recent interview on her new UK show, “The Talk” on Talk TV, Sharon Osbourne spoke about how Ozzy Osbourne has been recently diagnosed with COVID-19. Osbourne admits she is very concerned about her rock legend husband having the virus. She’ll also be flying back to Los Angeles to help him recover. Sharon then said she was ready to hold and kiss Ozzy with about three masks on. 

Meanwhile, Sharon Osbourne revealed more details about Ozzy Osbourne’s medical battles. She explained that Osbourne has been struggling health-wise since 2018 when he had a life-threatening staph infection. Following his recovery from the staph infection, Ozzy was hospitalized with serious flu complications. He then fell in his Los Angeles home while recovering from pneumonia. During the fall, several metal rods in his body became dislodged. This injury caused pain in his back, neck, and shoulders. This is where the rods were placed to stop previous pain. 

Along with the injuries and infections, Ozzy Osbourne disclosed that he is on medication for a rare genetic form of Parkinson’s disease, Parkin 2. He told Good Morning America, “I’m on medication for [Parkinson’s], although it is a really low dose. I’m not dying from Parkinson’s. I’ve been working with it most of my life.”

Speaking out about Ozzy Osbourne’s health, Sharon Osbourne told Piers Morgan on an episode of TalkTV, “He’s dying to come back home.”

Sharon Osbourne Recently Spoke About Her Own Health Struggles 

During her interview with The Times, Sharon Osbourne spoke about her health struggles, including her fight against Bulimia. “It’s horrific. I used to eat and eat and eat. It was part of my shield,” Sharon recalled. “I felt that the less attractive and the bigger I was gave me strength. It was weird. But that’s how I felt.”

However, Sharon Osbourne admitted that she still makes herself sick after eating. “I’m like, I just f—ing ate that. I’m going to get rid of it. I’ve done it for years and years. It’s become part of me.”

Sharon Osbourne did say that she doesn’t accept the illness nor does she like it. She then explained that she has the worst acid reflux in the entire world because of it. Meanwhile, Osbourne also discusses her addiction to shopping. She said she buys too many clothes, shoes, bags, and candles. “I don’t like a sofa – let’s change it again. I don’t like the color of this room. Let’s change it again. It’s terrible. It’s a new money way to live your life and it’s a way of showing off.”