Sharon Osbourne Worries for ‘Worse Off’ Victims of Cancel Culture Who Can’t Defend Themselves

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Sharon Osbourne spoke out urging people to be more understanding of those who are fired for publicly disagreeing with liberal orthodoxies. Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Osbourne expressed her concerns for the “thousands of people” who have lost their jobs because they don’t share the same political beliefs.

Osbourne herself claims to be a victim of cancel culture. In 2021, she was fired from her job as a co-host of CBS’s daytime talk program The Talk. This was for supporting Piers Morgan after he was accused of racism. Morgan was dismissed for attacking Meghan Markle’s characterization of the British royal family as racist. After Osbourne expressed support for Morgan after he left Good Morning Britain over opposing views on Markle, she and Sheryl Underwood had a contentious exchange in which Osbourne expressed support for him.

Sharon Osbourne feels the situation damaged her career. “[It was] not just a small thing, because nobody will touch me now because of what happened,” she explained to Tucker Carlson. “So it’s not a small thing, but I’m fine. I can take care of myself.”

Sharon Osbourne is concerned about cancel culture coming to those without power

“But what about the people [who] can’t? … That’s what we’ve got to worry about.” Osbourne worries about the “thousands” of other victims of cancel culture, not herself, she said. Tucker Carlson agreed, pointing out that they’re “people with no power.”

The British-American media personality explained that the “overly, overly woke” television and film industries don’t give second chances. She compared the situation to “walking on eggshells.” An employee could be dismissed for a social media post from their “10, 12-year-old” self. Or, if they made an opinionated statement while drunk and surrounded by an unruly crowd years ago. They may not even believe in the statement any longer. Cancel culture would still come after them, she argued.

In the interview, Sharon Osbourne detailed the incident that got her fired. ” … [I]n the first break, I was saying to one of my co-hosts, … ‘Talk to me, talk to me. Tell me why you’re doing this. Tell me where this came from. Why are you doing this?'”

After her co-host turned away from her and pretended to converse with someone else, Osbourne hurled the f-word. Despite then swearing at her, she claimed that CBS knew ahead of time that she swore frequently before offering her the job. Eleven years of profanity didn’t bother them off-air until now, according to Osbourne.

Sharon Osbourne’s exit from The Talk is the subject of a new four-part Fox Nation docuseries. It will offer an in-depth exploration of her experiences in the media. The premiere date for To Hell & Back on Fox Nation is Monday, September 26.