Sharon Osbourne’s Daughter Aimee Remembers Touching Childhood Memories With Olivia Newton-John

by Chris Piner

While many know Olivia Newton-John for her role in Grease, the singer went far beyond the silver screen and Hollywood. The British-Australian used her musical talents to propel her career in the film industry. But at her heart, Olivia Newton-John was a singer. And for those who might not know, the singer sold more than 100 million records worldwide, with 14 of her albums certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Nothing short of a musical icon, Olivia’s family and friends received a mountain of support and love from fans and celebrities alike. Recently, Sharon Osbourne shared a heartfelt message about what the singer meant to her and her daughter, Aimee Osbourne. 

Posting her sincere message on Instagram, Aimee recalled, “When I was a little girl, Mum would take me to Olivia’s boutique in Malibu ‘Kuala Blue’. Mum would explain that ‘Sandy from Grease’ owned a T-shirt shop with Kuala Bears on everything after retiring from singing & dancing at Rydell High. If we were ‘lucky,’ Sandy might be there making ice cream sundaes at the fountain bar & I could say hello.”

Being a musician herself, Aimee continued, “Sure enough, one day, there she was! Sparkling blue eyes, golden hair, & a smile that instantly lit you up. One of my favorite childhood memories….some people are made from sunshine & Olivia was one of them. Sending love to @chloelattanziofficial & the rest of Olivia’s loved ones and family. Fly free, Olivia Newton John.”

Celebrities Send Love And Support After Olivia Newton-John Passing

Much like Aimee, fans decided to honor the late star by streaming several of her films. Again, known for her character in Grease, her once-costar, John Travolta, also posted a touching message on Instagram, reading, “My dearest Olivia, you made all of our lives so much better. Your impact was incredible. I love you so much. We will see you down the road and we will all be together again. Yours from the first moment I saw you and forever! Your Danny, your John!”

Echoing around the music industry and Hollywood, other stars like, Maria Dionne Warwick, tweeted their sadness about Olivia’s passing. “Another angelic voice has been added to the Heavenly Choir. Not only was Olivia a dear friend, but one of the nicest people I had the pleasure of recording and performing with. I will most definitely miss her. She now Rests in the Arms of the Heavenly Father.”

Passing away at 73, Olivia Newton-John’s husband, John Easterling, first announced the news, writing, “Olivia has been a symbol of triumphs and hope for over 30 years sharing her journey with breast cancer. Her healing inspiration and pioneering experience with plant medicine continues with the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund, dedicated to researching plant medicine and cancer.”