Simon Cowell’s Company to Face Lawsuit From Former ‘X-Factor’ Contestants: Report

by Shelby Scott

Simon Cowell has become a household name in entertainment. For years, he has aided budding stars in finding fame on various reality TV series. Several fan favorites include America’s Got Talent, The X Factor, and American Idol. Currently though, as AGT begins wrapping its 17th season, the longtime TV star is facing some major legal trouble. New reports state his company SyCo will face a serious lawsuit from multiple former X Factor contestants.

According to the Daily Mail, Simon Cowell’s SyCo, a British media entertainment company, is facing legal trouble in a new lawsuit. Five solo X Factor acts and one group accused the company of bullying. Per the outlet, the suit cites instances of “bullying, mistreatment, and neglect.” Cowell’s company’s accusers reportedly boast evidence of the claims in emails, recordings, and psychological assessments.

Altogether, the lawsuit’s filers are seeking the U.S. equivalent of about $850,000.

‘X Factor’ Contestants Recall ‘Horrific’ Experience with Simon Cowell’s Company

So far the news outlet reports Simon Cowell and SyCo are unaware of any filed lawsuits. However, with the six acts banding together to seek justice and compensation, one former X Factor contestant recalled, “Being on the show was a horrific experience. Simon needs to take responsibility. We lost a lot of money from having periods of our lives not making money to deal with trauma still ingrained from the show.”

In addition, that same unnamed claimant told another source that the lawsuit, while reportedly set at a costly £1 million, will likely crank higher as the group of plaintiffs moves forward with the motion. Aside from unemployment during their time on the show, the former contestants are also seeking compensation for medical expenses. In filing the lawsuit against Simon Cowell and SyCo, the plaintiffs assure readers that The X Factor fans will see the less glamorous underbelly of the TV show.

SyCo and Cowell’s representatives so far have no evidence of a new lawsuit. Nevertheless, the six acts plan to legally bring their accusations forward in the coming months. Simultaneously, SyCo insists that there are no allegations that Simon Cowell was ever directly involved with the incidents and unseemly behavior laid out by the show’s contestants.

In a statement, the entertainment media company said, “We are unaware of any legal claims being filed against The X Factor and despite not being on air for several years, we remain open to discuss concerns with anyone who chooses to do so.”

So far, the outlet reports neither Cowell nor The X Factor executives have responded for comment.

‘The X Factor’ Behind-The-Scenes Explored in New Exposé

Aside from the lawsuit from six The X Factor contestants, the series will also feature in an upcoming TV exposé. Headed by two well-known production companies, the new television special promises to explore numerous claims of bullying, exploitation, and harassment.

Aside from contestants, one of Simon Cowell’s former assistants also plans to feature in the special. There, they’ll go behind the scenes of The X Factor. In a statement, one source said, “What is more worrying for Cowell and ITV is that there are some of his former lieutenants who are ready to break their silence on what went on.”