‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Charlie Hunnam Hints at a Potential Jax Teller Return

by Craig Garrett

Charlie Hunnam recently teased his idea for a potential return to the Sons of Anarchy tv show, nearly a decade after it ended. The Sons of Anarchy universe created by Kurt Sutter is still thriving on FX with Mayans M.C.. Kim Coates even reprised his role as Tig Trager in the most recent season.

But for some fans, no spinoff could ever replace the original. Some SOA fans have even given up on the idea of seeing Charlie Hunnam reprise Jax Teller’s character in any capacity. Even a cameo from him seems increasingly unlikely as days go by. However, the actor has recently given an update that suggests viewers haven’t seen the last of Jax just yet.

While nothing has been confirmed, Hunnam spoke with Access Hollywood about his upcoming drama Shantaram for Apple TV+. When the topic of Jax Teller came up, he was surprisingly open to a Jax return.

“Since you asked, I have an idea that I’m exploring in its infancy where that could be a possibility,” Hunnam explained. “It would be something that I would be incredibly excited about, so we’re sort of, like I said, in the infancy of exploring the viability of the idea. But next time I talk to you, hopefully I’ll have more information on that.”

Charlie Hunnam’s comments about a Jax return have fans speculating

Charlie Hunnam’s recent confirmation that he would be willing to reprise his role as Jax Teller is major news. Espceially considering how long it’s been since the show ended and how many other projects he has taken on in the meantime. It sounds a unique idea is in the works to breing him back to the SAMCRO table.

There are many potential explanations for Hunnam’s comment. Could he have been referencing the First 9 prequel idea that Kurt Sutter discussed? Or could it be something entirely different? It’s worth considering that this might not even be a TV project, and could possibly be referring to a Sons of Anarchy video game, radio drama podcast, or something else along those lines.

In some ways, Mayans M.C. seems like the logical choice for a return for Jax Teller. A flashback sequence seems like the most likely, straight line way for it to happen. Still, that’s not exactly high concept. Hunnam’s comments suggest something bit more substantial.

Hunnam’s recent role in Shantaram has gotten fans of Sons of Anarchy excited, as it features an image of the actor on a motorcycle. However, the two projects are not at all similar. Based on the 2003 novel by Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram is a drama about a bank robber who escapes and flees to India. There, he falls for a woman while trying to keep his crimes hidden.