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‘Sons of Anarchy’s Kim Coates Documents Struggle With Medical ‘Issue’, Reveals Photo

by Suzanne Halliburton
Susannah V. Vergau/via Getty Images)

Sons of Anarchy star Kim Coates shared some significant news Friday. He’s suffering from a medical condition, although he didn’t reveal many details.

Coates shared the news on Twitter. He posted a selfie of himself sitting in a doctor’s office. It might be in a dentist’s chair. And he’s wearing a paper medical gown. What seems the most odd about the photo is he’s indoors and wearing big sunglasses. He put on a pair of reading glasses over his shades. He said he’s suffering from an “oral” condition. That suggests mouth problems.

He wrote: “I’m in a very weird world of hurt right now beauties n bruisers. I wouldn’t give my oral issue and subsequent pain to my worst enemy … well what a sec … just a minute …Have no idea when I’ll return to the world of somewhat normal .. Y’all be the first to know. KC xo”

Sons of Anarchy Fans Are Quick To Wish Coates Well

Sons of Anarchy fans sent healing thoughts Coates’ way.

One fan replied to his tweet: “The Sons could of opened a dentist office in Charming then they could of pulled teeth and gotten everything they wanted. All jokes aside I’m sending you healing love and prayers always keep your beautiful smile it’s one of your best assets.”

Actor Elizabeth Perkins even showed up in Coates’ mentions. She tweeted: “Love you buddy.” Coates replied: “Love you more Perky. I know our paths will cross again soon. Love to that beautiful family too..KC”

Earlier this month, Coates thrilled his fans when he announced he was reprising his Sons of Anarchy character, Tig Trager, but on a different shot. That’s Mayans MC. Season four starts May 17.

Coates played Tig for seven seasons on Son of Anarchy. Now, he’s returning to the spinoff, declaring war in the process.

“I’m Back. Like really back,” Coates tweeted, May 3. “The war is on ..keep watching peeps… shit is about to explode …SOA vs MMC.” He then tagged the shows @MayansFX⁩ ⁦@SonsofAnarchy⁩ ⁦and @EmilioRivera48⁩. And he signed it “Tig,”

Tig was considered the most violent member of the SAMC. So the war comment probably wasn’t social media hyperbole.