‘Survivor’ Winner Nick Wilson Elected to Kentucky House of Representatives

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by CBS via Gerry Images)

Survivor winner Nick Wilson managed to notch another victory last week when he got elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives. Wilson, who won Survivor‘s 37th season titled David vs. Goliath, ran unopposed in his election. He’s also a former public defender. Wilson became a Kentucky state legislator just after announcing that he would run last year. Some fans might have visualized him as a bit lazy on the CBS show. But the guy managed to prove his way on the show and make it to the very end. Wilson ran in the 82nd district race, TMZ reports. He showed back up on the show in 2020 for the Winners at War contest. This time, though, Wilson finished in seventh place in the competition.

Back in July, Survivor host Jeff Probst talked about some of the changes taking place there. What happens to be the “scary part” about those changes? We would like to know what in the world Probst is talking about here. “Yes, there is always the risk of going too far,” Probst said in an interview with The Wrap. “It’s a real risk. And the scary part is that you can’t change it after you’ve done it. So, it goes back to being comfortable with the risk of having a massive failure. We knew we were going big.”

Changes On ‘Survivor’ Worth Noting For Its Fans

But the show did need to go through some changes. After all, it has been part of the CBS lineup for more than 20 years and 40 game-playing seasons. Probst said that they anticipated both fans and players thinking the changes were just too much. He added, though, that they wanted to let the players have to reassess what they thought that they knew about the famed game show. And Probst meant everything about it, not just one or two things.

Some people watching Survivor might wonder how people get their food. Like, don’t they eat at some point? Of course. But they also happen to lose a lot of weight there, too. Yet contestants are going out and getting their food in the wild. And it’s a wild journey to get it, too. One competitor on the show actually talked about the battle it took to get fresh water to drink.

“Now, ‘let’s go to the well,’ just means, ‘let’s go strategize,'” Survivor: Africa competitor Ethan Zohn said in an interview with Distractify. “When we said let’s go to the well, it meant we’re walking 45 minutes. We’re encountering a dangerous cape buffalo. We get to the water source. There’s giant piles of elephant feces that we have to move away to fill up our canteens.”