Sylvester Stallone Surprises Fans at Screening of New Movie in Wake of Jennifer Flavin Divorce Filing

by Joe Rutland

Recent times have not been too fun for Sylvester Stallone but he was putting on a good face when meeting with some fans. It happened to be at a movie theater in New York City, too. But Stallone has a lot on his mind in the wake of his wife Jennifer Flavin filing for divorce. Well, the Rocky and Rambo star made some fans’ lives a whole lot brighter on Thursday night.

A TMZ report indicated that Stallone showed up at a special screening of his movie Samaritan. He would stop by the AMC Empire 25 theater located in New York on Thursday. Reportedly, those in attendance would applaud loudly for the famed actor and producer. Others reportedly would greet him with smiling faces or even film this with their phone cameras. From what we know, Stallone showed up in good spirits, TMZ reported. He even would grab a microphone and embrace a guy in the audience.

Sylvester Stallone Now Has A Dog Named Dwight

Stallone has been keeping busy, too, as he’s been on location in Oklahoma. Why is he there? Well, in case you didn’t know, Stallone is working on his new Taylor Sheridan series titled Tulsa King. In it, Stallone plays Dwight “The General” Manfredi. It’s been quite a lot of work for him but from the looks of things, he’s enjoying it. But another Dwight has been making news lately.

See, Stallone recently added another furry friend to his life. A Rottweiler that he named Dwight, after his character, is his new friend. This reportedly was a bone of contention between him and Flavin. At least, what we know is this was part of a recent conversation between them. Flavin was not down with having a new dog as protection.

Then, other reports have indicated that she and Stallone are at odds over how he has been handling their finances. There reportedly is some friction around him moving around marital assets and Flavin was not happy. Stallone, according to reports, has been doing this himself without telling Flavin. She has filed for divorce and it’s something that Stallone did not see coming. As this all shakes down, we will keep you informed as more details become public.

Meanwhile, Stallone has been an action hero for most of his movie career. Hey, when you take part in some of these movies that he has done over the years, then you are going to be beaten up a little bit. So, how many surgeries has he undergone as an action star? He would tell Sports Illustrated in an interview that he has had 31 operations. Maybe more. Even Stallone might not have those numbers correct.