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‘That ’70s Show’ Danny Masterson’s Court Case: Twitter Has Thoughts About What Just Happened

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Anna Webber / Stringer

People are up in arms online after a judge recently declared a mistrial after a hung jury in the case against Danny Masterson. In 2020, a Los Angeles court charged the “That ’70s Show” alum with raping three women in isolated incidents from 2001 and 2003. He had pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Now, people are fuming over the court’s decision. Many have taken to social media to air out their grievances about the ruling.

“So Danny Masterson just gets to walk around free because it’s a mistrial and this won’t be retried till MARCH?? As a SA victim, this is so disappointing. I just have a bad feeling in march he’s gonna be found not guilty I hate the justice system,” penned one irate Twitter user after the news broke.

“Danny Masterson is a violent serial rapist and the fact that his victims will now have to go through another trial and relive their assaults all over again after what he and the “church” of Scientology put them through is sick,” added another enraged user.

In addition, actress Leah Remini had thoughts about the mistrial ruling.

After the ruling, the actor’s attorney released a statement about the decision by Los Angeles Judge, Charlaine F. Olmedo. His legal representation, Philip Cohen, called the ruling a “true testament” of our nation’s justice system.

“I am so thankful for the incredible care and commitment that the jurors showed in this case,” his attorney said. “This trial was about nothing other than the credibility of the three accusers and that credibility could only be determined by comparing, contrasting, and focusing on the ever-evolving statements given by the women.”

He continued: “The vote count says it all. It is a true testament to our justice system that the jurors were able to see through all the inflammatory noise and focus solely on what was truly important.”

A court previously charged Masterson with three counts of rape. However, on Wednesday, Judge Olmedo said she found the jurors “hopelessly deadlocked” regarding the case. Now, Masterson is set to go to court for a new trial on March 27, 2023.

The District Attorney’s office in L.A. said they were “disappointed with the outcome.”

“While we are disappointed with the outcome in this trial, we thank the jurors for their service,” the DA office’s said. “We also want to give our heartfelt appreciation to the victims for bravely stepping forward and recounting their harrowing experiences.”

They added: “We will now consider our next steps as it relates to prosecuting this case.”

Earlier this week, the judge dismissed two of the jurors after they tested positive for COVID-19. Those that came forward with the sexual assault allegations include Masterson’s former longtime girlfriend and another friend. The third alleged victim was his former confidant.