‘The Breakfast Club’ Star Anthony Michael Hall Reflects on Wild Brat Pack Fame: ‘Too Much, Too Soon’

by Craig Garrett

Anthony Michael Hall is going full circle, from a nerdy student in The Breakfast Club to an authoritarian assistant principal in The Class. The new film The Class pays homage to Hall’s 80s roots. A Saturday at school is mandatory for a group of seniors who were unable to acquire their high school equivalency diploma due to a scheduling conflict or other major issues. The 54-year-old also produced the film.

“It was a very happy accident,” Anthony Michael Hall told Fox News. “I certainly wasn’t planning on doing a [movie] inspired by a John Hughes film. But I was impressed with the writing. There’s this great conflict and humor. And I think kids are dealing with the same issues that existed 30, 40 years ago. And the kids in this film gave such soulful performances. They even became good friends after filming.”

Anthony Michae Hall noted that filming on location was like being back in his teenage years. “John Hughes would carve out a week, sometimes 10 days, of rehearsal for us,” Hall recalled. “And we had that on The Breakfast Club. And I love my fellow Breakfast Club castmates. We were there for each other. And we’re all friends to this day. The memories just started flooding back when we began filming [The Class]. And I did so many films in Chicago. It was like a second home. It was like stepping back in time in a way. “

Anthony Michael Hall reflects on his time in the “Brat Pack”

During a conversation about his most recent part, Hall couldn’t help but recall Hughes. With films like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and Weird Science – to mention a few – he captured the teen market. In 2009, at age 59, Hughes succumbed to a heart attack. “The dynamic with John was wonderful because he was like a co-conspirator,” Hall recalled. “By that, I mean he was our boss, but from the time that I met John Hughes, he just felt like a brother to me. There was no sense of ageism, like ‘You’re the boss, you’re the older guy.’”

Hall’s road to fame was not a sprint. He became a member of the “Brat Pack,” a term coined by New York Magazine writer to describe a group of young Hollywood stars who dominated the big screen during the ‘80s. “We had a running joke in my household – too much, too soon,” Hall quipped.

“I didn’t anticipate being famous at age 15 just because I was a part of all these fun movies. To be very honest, it did freak me out when it first happened. The idea of being recognized, it’s awkward for adults. But it’s magnified at that age when you’re already dealing with all kinds of insecurities. It was very challenging. I would joke, but it’s true, that it took me probably 20 years to process being 15 because I had experienced so much in between. I’m certainly grateful for it and I thank God for having strong, great parents. They were a great backbone. But it was challenging. For the first couple of years, it certainly took some adjusting. I didn’t anticipate any of that.” The Class is currently in select theaters and streaming on demand.