‘The Conners’ Star John Goodman: What Is the Actor’s Net Worth?

by Craig Garrett

John Goodman has starred in dozens of films and was the co-lead in a classic tv sitcom, but his net worth might surprise you. Goodman has been a high-profile actor since the 1980s. His first break-out role was in 1984’s Revenge of the Nerds. Of course, he went on to star in Roseanne and the recent revival of the iconic show.

You would think with four decades of high-profile projects in Hollywood, John Goodman would be exceedingly rich. His sitcom co-star Roseanne Barr is reportedly worth as much as $80 million dollars. However, Goodman doesn’t quite measure up, according to the website Wealthy Gorilla.

John Goodman’s fortune is reportedly around $45 million

$45 million is certainly a great haul almost anyone would be happy with. However, it’s tough to imagine that John Goodman’s riches would be nearly half of Roseanne Barr’s. Though Barr headlined a popular sitcom for many years and starred in several films, she was all but dormant in the 21st century until the 2018 reboot of Roseanne.

However, Roseanne Barr served in roles Goodman hasn’t done very often. Barr was a producer and writer of her series which obviously led to bigger paydays. Also while Barr was hot and making films, she was often the lead or co-lead. Meanwhile, Goodman was usually a supporting player and strictly an actor for hire.

Still, it’s possible that Goodman’s fortune may eclipse that of Barr’s. Roseanne has all but disappeared following the hot water she got in over some controversial tweets in 2018. She was riding high after a rival of Roseanne was declared a hit. However, due to the tweets, her character was unceremoniously killed off, leading to the show being renamed The Conners. Since then, Barr has been enjoying retirement on her estate in Hawaii.

John Goodman is spinning a lot of plates that will add even more to his net worth

While Roseanne Barr’s earning potential seems limited going forward, Goodman is working more than ever. He’s currently the lead on The Conners, which is gearing up for the 5th season. He also concurrently appears on the acclaimed HBO comedy series, The Righteous Gemstones. On that show, which co-stars Danny McBride, he plays another family patriarch. It’s due for a 3rd season in 2023. John Goodman has a third series to add to his wealth. In the animated Monsters at Work, he reprises his voice work as the burly monster Sully from Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.

Though John Goodman turned 70 this past June, he’s taking steps to be around for a long time. The barrel chested actor has dropped a lot of his signature weight in recent years. “I’d rather be healthy and laughed at than overweight and laughed at,” Goodman told Newsweek eariler this year. “Plus, I heard someone say that you can be old, or you can be fat, but being old and fat doesn’t really work very well.”