‘The Last Movie Stars’ Trailer Released: Inside Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward’s Love Story

by Shelby Scott

Classic TV and movie fans are going to get a kick out of HBO Max’s upcoming documentary film series. Together, director Ethan Hawke and producer Martin Scorcese have created a six-part series called The Last Movie Stars. In it, fans will get to delve into the life and love of Hollywood icons Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. The movie follows their relationship all the way up to the former’s death in 2008. Ahead of The Last Movie Stars‘ release, we have a sneak peek at what to expect from the new production. Check it out.

As per the trailer above, Hawke’s film delves into the story of Hollywood’s “most enduring couple.” Footage captures various kinds of interactions between the famous duo; some show the two sharing sweet kisses while alone while others show them greeting fans in the public eye.

According to a release, what is most “central” to the upcoming film “is a long-abandoned project that [Paul] Newman commissioned from friend and screenwriter Stewart Stern.”

The commission lead Stern to interview some of Paul Newman’s close friends, family, and artistic collaborators. However, as we see in the film, Hawke reveals those recordings were, eventually, destroyed. Fortunately for us, however, each and every one was transcribed. As such, the six-part film’s creators deemed Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward’s story one that was almost never told.

In speaking about The Last Movie Stars, Hawke said, “It’s an honor to get to share Joanne and Paul’s inspiring life and love story with audiences this summer. I’m especially thrilled that a project that we’ve poured so much heart and soul into now has its home at HBO Max, a platform known for celebrating and championing the documentary artform.”

Nearly two years ahead of the film’s release in September 2020, Hawke further promised to deliver “a rare and exclusive look at the careers of both [Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward] and [their] complex 50-year relationship that ultimately managed to beat incredible odds.”

Outlining Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward’s Story Ahead of ‘The Last Movie Stars’ Release

Films like Top Gun: Maverick, Elvis, and Jurassic World: Dominion continue to attract America’s younger generations. Meanwhile, veteran audiences will surely look forward to tuning in to The Last Movie Stars. However, that’s not to say younger generations won’t enjoy the upcoming series.

Either way, given the actors’ prominence in mid-century American film, it’s important that potential viewers know a little about Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward’s story before diving into the six-part series.

According to PEOPLE, the pair of actors first met while working on the 1953 Broadway romantic drama, Picnic. In 1957, they then went on to star beside one another in the film, The Long, Hot Summer. It wasn’t long after that that Newman then divorced his first wife, Jackie Witte, and married Woodward.

Further, given their success, Newman and Woodward decided to live their everyday lives outside the glitz of Hollywood. They instead settle in Westport, Connecticut to raise a family. Together, they had three daughters: Elinor, Melissa, and Claire. Newman also boasted three other children from his first marriage, with a son and two other daughters. Sadly though, Newman lost his son, Scott, in 1978.