‘The Office’s David Koechner Busted for DUI: Police Body Cam Footage of Arrest Emerges

by Samantha Whidden

Following the news that “The Office” star David Koechner was busted for a DUI in Ohio, the police body cam footage of the arrest has now emerged. 

As previously reported, David Koechner was arrested by police in Southern Ohio just before 2 a.m. last Saturday (June 4th). The actor was hosting a “The Office” trivia night at the Ro-Na Cultural Center in Ironton, Ohio later on that day. An Ohio State Trooper reportedly noticed “The Office” star was swerving on the road and decided to pull him over.

On Tuesday (June 14th), TMZ released the body cam video from David Koechner’s DUI arrest, where it showed that the actor was failing some field sobriety tests after the state trooper pulled him over. After failing the tests, Koechner was placed under arrest. The actor fully admitted that this is his second DUI arrest in six months. 

David Koechner received a ticket for the DUI incident in Ohio and will be appearing in court in July. The latest driving offense comes less than six months after the actor was booked in Los Angeles on DUI charges. The actor reportedly had a .13 BAC in the field and .12 at the police station during that incident. Koechner also received hit and run charges in that situation. He appeared in court in March for both charges.

TMZ further reports that the upcoming court appearance has three counts on the actor. These are driving while impaired, refusal to submit a breathalyzer or urine sample, and driving on a suspended license. If convicted, the actor could receive some jail time. This is due to having multiple DUIs in a short period of time.

David Koechner Heads on Tour & Hosting ‘The Office’ Trivia Nights

Meanwhile, David Koechner will be making appearances at the Great American Comedy Festival in Norfolk, Nebraska this week. He will be doing a “The Office” trivia night as his character, Todd Packer. He will also have a standup show. Both events will take place at the Johnny Carson Theatre. 

David Koechner recently spoke about doing the trivia nights. “There’s a different vibration when you get that many die-hard ‘Office’ fans together. They’re all so excited they’re decked out in their Under Mifflin gear, and it’s something they all have a common love of all in the same pace. It’s really unique and a lot of fun to experience.”

The actor also spoke about stopping in Ironton, Ohio for the first time ever. “It’s a unique and rare experience and people are absolutely loving it, so come on out.”

Along with hosting the trivia night, David Koechner is also planning to share some behind-the-scenes stories about the show. Along with his gig in Nebraska, other gig stops include Miami, Florida; Portland, Oregon; Richmond, Virginia; Omaha, Nebraska; and Fayetteville, Arkansas. However, it doesn’t look like any shows are canceled.