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‘The Partridge Family’ Star Danny Bonaduce’s Sister Provides Details About His ‘Mystery Illness’

by Megan Molseed
(Photo Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images).

Danny Bonaduce, star of the classic television sitcom series, The Partridge Family announced recently that he is taking a temporary medical leave from his popular radio show. However, the actor’s announcement came with very little further information regarding what this leave is for, exactly.

Then, on May 1, the longtime actor and host posted to Twitter sharing more information regarding his mysterious ailment, thanking fans for the well-wishes, and sharing a message posted on Facebook by his sister, Celia Bonaduce.

“Thank you for all of the well wishes,” the Partridge Family star says in his Sunday afternoon Twitter post.

“It really means a lot to me that so many of you have reached out,” the actor adds in the tweet.

“Just wanted to share something my sister posted on Facebook,” he adds.

Partridge Family Star Danny Bonaduce Faces Mysterious Health Concerns

In her recent social media post, Celia Bonaduce announces information regarding her brother’s recent health concerns; noting that Danny Bonaduce’s balance “sucks” due to a mysterious ailment. However, Bonaduce adds, the family is working with doctors to get to the bottom of the “conundrum.”

“Many of you have reached out to see what’s going on with my brother Danny,” Celia Bonaduce says in her weekend message.

“Thank you,” Celia writes in her post.

“Along with Dairy Queen dipped cones,” Celia quips, “and your messages, he is feeling the love.” 

The message is a welcome update, no doubt, after Danny’s vague post a few days earlier when he informed fans that he is stepping away from his on-air gig for the time being.

“Some news to share,” Danny Bonaduce says in his April 29 announcement.

“I’m taking a temporary medical leave from my radio show,” the actor adds noting that he’s “still working towards receiving a diagnosis.”

However, much like Danny, Celia was unable to give a definitive answer to Danny Bonaduce’s struggles. She notes that the family is not being intentionally vague about her brother’s health. They are still seeking definitive answers.

“We are not being coy when we say this is a ‘mystery illness,'” Celia shares in her message. “In layman’s terms, his balance sucks- super sucks.” 

Bonaduce Remains In ‘Good Hands’ As ‘Great Medical Minds’ Work Towards A Diagnosis

Certainly, it is the uncertainty regarding her brother’s health remains the focus as of now. However, Celia Bonaduce tells his fans that the actor and television personality is in “good hands” as “all the great medical minds of Seattle are at work trying to solve this conundrum.” 

In the Facebook post, Celia adds that she and the rest of her family will continue to keep Bonaduce’s fans updated on his mysterious health issues.

“We will keep you posted,” she says in her message.

“Please remember, that while he is a public figure, he is also my well-loved brother,” she adds. “Type your comments accordingly.”