‘The Sopranos’ Star Michael Imperioli Looks Unrecognizable in Recent Appearance

by Samantha Whidden

Michael Imperioli, who is known as a star in the hit TV series, “The Sopranos,” is looking completely unrecognizable in his recent Instagram post.

While featuring a snapshot of him rocking merchandise for his indie-rock band, Zopa, Michale Imperioli shares, “ZOPA MERCH is restocked and available NOW. Proceeds go towards helping the people of UKRAINE during these terrible and tragic days. Thank you to all who have already purchased.”

Michael Imperioli recently spoke about performing live on stage for his group. “Performing live is like main-lining communication,” The “Sopranos” star stated. “Even in theater, you don’t do that. Unless it’s like some break-the-fourth-wall kind of thing. That level of communication is really potent.”

However, while he enjoys being on stage, Michael Imperioli admitted he can get a little nervous. “Yeah, I do get nervous. It’s nerve-racking because once you’re up there, that’s it. There’s nowhere to hide. You have to deliver.”

Michael Imperioli further spoke about why he believes that music videos have been a misused art form. “There’s not a lot of good ones. And just calling it a video is part of the problem. They’re short films.”

‘Sopranos’ Star Michael Imperioli Reflects on Cancel Culture

While also speaking about some hot political topics, “Sopranos” star Michael Imperioli does discuss cancel culture’s impact. “You know, we live in a weird time. And it really happened in the last couple years. Where, even on the left, people are very quick to judge you if you don’t say the right things or if you’re not behind the right cause.”

The “Sopranos” star further explained that he believes there’s a lot more nuance to who people are as individuals. “We can’t just get behind a slogan or even a party. It’s so vast, the mechanisms of society. And it’s ok to learn and ask questions and not know all the answers.”

Michael Imperioli also declares that cancel culture can be a very scary thing. “People have to have the opportunity to redeem themselves and to learn and to grow.”

Although he’s not a fan of cancel culture, “Sopranos” star Michael Imperioli remains a bit optimistic about the younger generation. “I have a lot of faith in the younger generation. Because they’re a lot more open-minded than the ones I grew up with. They’re not like people my age – not that I have anything against people my age.”

Along with touring with his band, Michael Imperioli is still working on his acting carer. He’s currently involved in a new TV  called “This Fool.” He plays Minister Leonard Payne. According to IMDb, the comedy follows Julio Lopez, who is described as a “punk-a— b—“ with a heart of gold. He goes out of his way to help everyone but himself.