‘The Terminal List’ Star Chris Pratt Reveals Hilarious Detail About One of His Biggest Characters

by Joe Rutland

Actor Chris Pratt has had the great honor to play a lot of solid characters throughout his illustrious career. One of them would be Owen Grady in the Jurassic World franchise of movies. It’s not unusual for actors and actresses to share a little behind-the-scenes stuff with fans. This situation is quite unique because Pratt is really giving us the inside scoop about something. And this happens to be a rather hilarious detail.

Pratt recently took to Instagram and shared little stuff about Jurassic World. Like, what did Owen Grady wear under his clothes? You know, underwear? Well, Pratt gave us all a look and we were surprised. Apparently, Pratt did inform the world that in the Jurassic World: Dominion movie he wore Spanx. No one would have known about this interesting detail without him giving us the look behind the scenes. Well, this look was not just behind the scenes but we might say under the scenes.

Chris Pratt Answers Critics About ‘The Terminal List’

For an underwear company like Spanx, it would not hurt to have Pratt on board. If they could get into the action movie world a little more, then they could get more business. Why not have Pratt as a spokesperson for the brand? It all could help out one way or another.

Meanwhile, the actor has some thoughts on the Teenage Dirtbag trend. This appears to be something that is connected to the world of social media. Why just recently, actress Melissa Gilbert of Little House on the Prairie fame got into the action as well. Gilbert put up a series of photos from her teenage years, including from her TV work. They proved to be quite funny and in a way interesting. Well, Chris Pratt decided to join in the fun and shared pictures from his younger days. They also were quite funny and interesting to see. In a way, it is kind of cool to see these stars add their own touch to the fun.

Pratt’s latest project happens to be called The Terminal List and you can see it on Amazon Prime. Critics, though, have not been too kind to the show. Fans caught wind of this and would go to Rotten Tomatoes and give it a 94% rating. But Chris Pratt was just getting started himself. In his Instagram Stories, he shared that the series was just “fresh” certified on Rotten Tomatoes. Then, he shared a report which led people to believe that Pratt defied “woke critics” in the series. Finally, Pratt would post a picture of the villainous Dr. Evil, best known for the Austin Powers movies. It’s never a dull moment with Pratt around and even talking about his underwear, too.