‘The Terminal List’s Chris Pratt and Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger Celebrate Daughter’s Second Birthday

by Joe Rutland

Actor Chris Pratt and his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, are definitely in the celebratory mood over their daughter. Sure, they probably are proud of her every day as she keeps growing up. But it’s her birthday! A second birthday for Lyla is worth sharing with the world. Schwarzenegger, who is the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger, offered up tender words and a sweet photo on her Instagram account.

And the comments section was filled with words of love and happiness from the famous and not-so-famous. Comedian Chelsea Handler wrote, “Happy birthday, baby! That looks like your head of curls when you were that age.” Photographer Elizabeth Messina added, “oh happy birthday to your beautiful girl (it’s my eldest daughters birthday today too) #LEOlove”. Another fan wrote, “Happy birthday Lylabean! And mama! We can’t wait to keep the celebrations going today!”

Chris Pratt Even Wished Arnold Schwarzenegger A Happy Birthday

While we are talking about birthdays, Lyla is not the only one who has had one recently. In late July, Pratt shared some cigars with Arnold, or Grandpa if you will, on the occasion of his birthday. Yes, The Terminator himself turned another year older in the calendar. It’s hard to believe for some who have followed his career for many years. Of course, Pratt is doing pretty well himself thanks to The Terminal List.

Recently, he shared some behind-the-scenes photos that show the “Many Faces of James Reece.” His new series is definitely picking up steam with viewers. He plays James Reece on there. They are watching that show in droves and that’s despite reviews that are not too kind. But Pratt has a track record of success that is pretty cool, too. Meanwhile, a number of fans know the actor from his appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy. The same can be said for the Jurassic World franchise as he costars along with Bryce Dallas Howard, who is the daughter of actor-director Ron Howard.

We would not mind seeing Chris Pratt in another Galaxy movie really soon. But his current series is available for those who have Amazon Prime. The streaming platform will let you watch The Terminal List as much as your heart desires. But the actor also has been busy putting to rest some ideas about him playing another famed character. No, it’s not one that his father-in-law plays. Would you believe there was a story going around that Pratt was going to play Indiana Jones? It’s true. Well, that’s not going to happen. Why? It’s pretty simple. Harrison Ford has said once he retires, well, so does Indiana Jones. That sounds like a good deal. No one else, not even Pratt, could play that character like Ford.