‘The View’ Alum Rosie O’Donnell Reveals Why a Doctor Told Her to Quit the Show

by Craig Garrett

The View has had a revolving door of hosts over the years, and Rosie O’Donnell is going into detail about why she left the tv show. An article from Best Life Online points out O’Donnell was only with the show for a short time. She made her debut in 2006 and remained for one season. She returned to the series in 2014, but she departed before the season had even finished.

In a new interview with The New Yorker, O’Donnell detailed how she was cast in The View. She stated that she was asked to join The View after Barbara Walters saw her documentary All Aboard! Rosie’s Family Cruise. “I had done a documentary with Sheila Nevins about the [gay-family] cruise that [ex-wife] Kelli [Carpenter] and I did, and Barbara came to see it,” O’Donnell explained. “She said [puts on a Barbara Walters accent], ‘Rosie, would you ever want to be a panelist on The View?’ And I said, ‘With you, Barbara, of course I would,’ and the rest is history.”

Rosie O’Donnell claims her cardiologist advised her to leave the show. “And then I did it again, and I had to leave because it was too hard to do in the times we were in and with the resistance that I got the second time,” O’Donnell said of her second run on the talk show. “I don’t know. My heart doctor said, ‘I watch you, and they have a closeup of you, and I can see your carotid artery.’ And I had a heart attack at fifty, so this doctor was, like, ‘Do you think you need this stress? I mean, do you need the money?’ This was just a few years after Rosie O’Donnell’s 2012 heart attack.

A The View cast member also led to Rosie O’Donnell’s exit

Rosie O’Donnell left the show to tend to personal issues, according to a statement issued by her representative. She had recently separated from wife Michelle Rounds at the time.”She’s focused on her kids now. This is the right thing for her to do,” O’Donnell’s rep said to People. “The stress of a daily live talk show is a lot. You reach a certain point where you have to put health and family first, and she has. She had a wake-up call in 2012, a near-fatal heart attack, and her doctors told her, ‘You have to take care of yourself, you have five children.’ Reliving her heart attack as she went through the editing process of her [HBO] heart documentary was sobering for her.”

When Rosie O’Donnell left The View rumors spread. The gossip was that she left because her relationship with Whoopi Goldberg was strained. While that may not have been the primary reason, O’Donnell has since discussed feeling uncomfortable around her co-host. She elaborated to Howard Stern in 2020. “Whoopi really didn’t like me,” O’Donnell claimed. According to O’Donnell, Goldberg was annoyed with her from the start. This was because she introduced a commercial when it was supposed to be Whoopi’s duty. O’Donnell also believed that the Sister Act star was intentionally rude to her.

“She was mean to me on live TV,” Rosie O’Donnell explained to Stern. “When people say, ‘Well, what happened,’ I say, ‘Go back and watch [the episodes].’ It’s not like a mystery, watch the way it went down.”