‘The Voice’s Gwen Stefani Has Fans in a Frenzy

by Suzanne Halliburton

Repeat after us. Gwen Stefani is 52. The pop diva checks the box as middle-aged. Yet she still looks like she stepped off a Southern California beach three decades ago.

Maybe it’s her love of life. It could be her music is a special elixir guaranteeing that wipes out aging. Or it could be the love for her three sons as well as husband, Blake Shelton a fellow judge on The Voice. On Sunday, the two celebrated wedding anniversary No. 1.

So how else would you explain Gwen Stefani pulling off this look? She posted the photo last week, with the caption “fit check. All glammed up on set with GXVE Beauty for our latest launch.”

Note the bright red bikini top she paired with a pair of denim cutoffs. She’s also wearing fishnet hose with a pair of broken-in cowboy boots. The tips of her ponytail are the same vibrant red as her lips. And just in case there’s a draft on set, she brought along her buff, black and white faux fur jacket. It’s definitely an outfit few could pull off and not appear clownish. Instead, it’s so very Gwen Stefani on trend with her life. This is her work uniform and she’s going to work.

Gwen Stefani Expanded Brand with Cosmetics Company

Back in March, Gwen Stefani launched a passion project. That’s her cosmetics line called GXVE Beauty. (Yes, she’s found the perfect shade of red). Stefani took three years to turn the genesis of an idea into a company. She already had a line of clothing, so why not makeup? Stefani started working on the company in 2016, a few months after she started dating Blake Shelton. The business venture was inspired by her teenaged years. Back when she was 16, she sold makeup at a department store counter. And she said her older customers asked her for makeup tips and to help them pick out outfits. By the way, the X in GXVE stands for kiss.

Gwen Stefani is colorful on and off stage. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Bud Light)

Stefani said the company is an extension of her creativity. It doesn’t always need to be music.

“I look at GXVE in the same way an artist looks at their color palette—every product puts artistry into your hands,” Stefani said. “Everyone should have the ability to enjoy bold, clean makeup and feel great about themselves. That’s what I hope GXVE is for everyone.”

The Gwen Stefani stans left all sorts of replies in reaction to the photo. Even fashion designer Vera Wang gave her approval, leaving seven fire emojis. Wang designed both the dresses Stefani wore for her ranch wedding and reception last July.

Other fans left similar compliments. A sampling:

“Holy hotness your highness.” Or “a true goddess.” And “the awesome queen.”