Tim Allen Shares Behind-the-Scenes Photo From ‘The Santa Clause’ Series

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

While working on the set of “The Santa Clause” limited series, Tim Allen takes to Twitter with a behind-the-scenes snap of the highly anticipated show. 

“Prancer is getting groomed… You didn’t hear it from me,” Tim Allen declared in the post. The snapshot shows “The Santa Clause” sleigh and Prancer’s stall. 

D23 D23 reported in January 2022 that Disney+ announced Tim Allen would reprise his iconic role as Santa in “The Santa Clause” limited series. The holiday franchise has three movies. The first “The Santa Clause” premiered in 1994; “The Santa Clause 2” came in 2002; and the final film “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause” debuted in 2006. 

In “The Santa Clause” series, Tim Allen’s Scott Calvin (aka Santa) is nearing his 65th birthday. He starts to realize that he can’t be Saint Nicholas forever as he is starting to lose a step in his Santa duties. Allen’s character also considers his family, who would benefit from having a normal life. Calvin sets out to find someone that will replace him and prepares his family for life away from the North Pole. 

Along with Tim Allen, Kal Penn joined the cast in “The Santa Clause” series earlier this year. He will play the character, Simon Choski. He isn’t said to be the Santa replacement for Allen’s character. However, his character’s initials are “S.C.” which is the same as Scott Calvin and Santa Clause. Deadline reports that Allen’s actual daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Elizabeth Mitchell, Austin Kane, Rupali Redd, and Devin Bright are also part of the cast. 

Tim Allen Spoke About Yelling at a Child on the Set of ‘The Santa Clause 2’

While making an appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” in early 2021, Tim Allen recalled yelling at a kid while on the set of “The Santa Clause 2.”

“I’m not really a big fan of children,” Tim Allen admitted. However, he did say that he has children and likes his own. He just doesn’t like other people’s children. “And when we did ‘Santa Clause,’ it was like cats, they wouldn’t leave me alone.”

Tim Allen also stated that while on “The Santa Clause” sets, they used real children. “And, in one scene in a submarine, we’re looking, we’re waiting for the North Pole and then Air Force is flying over the North Pole.”

Although he did his best to keep everyone in line, Tim Allen said he ended up losing his temper. “I said, ‘Everybody gotta be quiet.’ And these two kids were fighting in the back. It was late in the afternoon and I’d been in this stuff way too long. I was very angry, sweaty, and the camera just had to come around and get my eyes.”

Tim Allen said he tried to keep his composure, but the two kids just got to him. “Fifteen takes later, the kid said one more word, and I let out the loudest F-bomb.”

Tim Allen went on to add that the situation left everyone on the set stunned.