Tim Allen Gives His Brutal Take on New ‘Buzz Lightyear’ Movie

by Alex Falls

While on the press tour for his latest TV show, More Power!, Tim Allen took a chance to address the latest movie about the character he helped make famous. Pixar’s Lightyear debuted earlier this month to surprisingly low box office results and tepid critical response.

The new version of the character features Chris Evans taking over the role of Buzz Lightyear in a new take on the character. Allen previously voiced Buzz in every installment of the Toy Story franchise.

While speaking to Extra, Allen tried to steer away from the topic and keep things focused on his new show. But he did briefly address how he felt about the film and it isn’t favorable.

He revealed the new film is by “a whole new team that really had nothing to do with the first movies.” Allen also said he expected Lightyear to be a live-action adaptation with “real humans” in the roles.

He then voiced his biggest complaint about the film. Allen said without Woody the Cowboy, there is no Buzz Lightyear. “It just doesn’t seem to have any connection to the toy.”

Tim Allen Focuses on His New Show

Allen was more interested in discussing the premiere of his brand new show. History Channel’s More Power! features Allen looking at the evolution of different tools. The former Home Improvement star should feel right at home with this new project.

Allen detailed the story of how the show came about and what drew him to hosting the new reality project.

“Originally started with the executive producer, Kate Fox,” Allen said. “She and I put together a show a long, long time ago. That was the precursor to Last Man Standing. We were coming up with an idea, she and I, of how to support and acknowledge the people that do the things that do, the things that fix the things that make the things, it’s all the way down. The people that don’t have a political advantage or disadvantage, they just get the job done.”

More Power! reunites Allen with his Home Improvement co-star and Assembly Required co-host, Richard Karn. Allen commented on their working relationship, saying, “Life imitates art. If it weren’t for Richard, we’d never finish anything… It’s just like Al and Tim Taylor, just kind of farting around.”

Karn was also interviewed by Extra and elaborated on what it’s like for him to continue to work with Allen and the effort it takes to maintain such a long-standing partnership.

“We do fall into old patterns, but what’s wonderful is that we’ve had some years, you know, where we weren’t in that pattern and new things have happened and new ways of communicating,” Karn said. “And boy, do we love to communicate. We love to argue with each other.”