Tim Allen Calls Russian Military Cowards in Recent Tweet

by Taylor Cunningham

Count Tim Allen among the people with strong words for the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine. He isn’t backing down with his grievances against the Russian military. In a recent social media post, the former Last Man Standing star expressed exactly how he feels about the soldiers in one simple sentence.

“The definition of cowardly human waste: the Russian military,” he wrote on Twitter today.

The public show of disgust comes after a horrific day of bloodshed in Ukraine. As The Hill reported, Putin’s military targeted a train station in the eastern part of the country today. And a rocket attack killed at least 50 civilians. Most of the victims were women, children, and the elderly.

The station’s main purpose was to evacuate citizens from shelling zones. And several country leaders are condemning the action as yet another war crime.

“We are horrified by this latest atrocity. But we can no longer be surprised by the Kremlin’s repugnant disregard for human life,” U.S. State Department deputy spokesperson Jalina Porter said.

In recent weeks, Russia has also attacked apartment buildings, hospitals, and schools. And they’ve bombed shopping centers and ambulances.

One of the most notable civilian strikes was against a maternity hospital in the city of Mariupol. The attack killed at least 17 people, including women in active labor.

In total, 1,563 non-military Ukrainians have lost their lives due to the war as of April 6th, according to the United Nations.

Tim Allen Has Spoken Out Against the Russian Military in the Past

And because of the long list of brutalities, today wasn’t the first time that Tim Allen has spoken out against the Russian military.

On February 24th, the day Putin officially invaded the country, Allen joined a group of celebrities who immediately took to their Twitter pages and posted support for the Ukrainian people.

“Pray if you will for all those attacked today by the Russians,” he wrote alongside a poignant Franklin D. Roosevelt quote.

And a few days later, the actor continued his thoughts on the topic.

In a more direct attack, Tim Allen shared that his “mind and body are full of anger and disgust at the coward Putin ghouls that have attacked a sovereign country.”

“This is the definition of wrong. My head, heart, and soul pray for the people of Ukraine,” he added. “F-Putin.”