Tim Allen’s Custom Cadillac DeVille Goes Up for Auction

by Emily Morgan

Tim Allen may be known for his “Tool Time” moments on “Home Improvement,” but off-screen, he’s actually a car guy. In fact, one of his former rides is going up for auction

As it turns out, when he’s not acting, Allen is an avid collector of vehicles. He owns a small warehouse full of cars and trucks he’s collected over the years. 

In his spare time, the veteran actor enjoys collecting iconic American cars like the 1971 Bronco, 1972 Pontiac GTO, and a Tesla Model 3. In addition, he’s also owned several exotic vehicles. 

For instance, he’s been the proud owner of a 1962 Ferrari 330 GTC and a 2017 Ford GT, the latter of which he sold in 2021 for $1 million.

The comedian has also tried his hand at adding his personal touch to some of his vehicles, and one of them is currently up for sale. 

Allen’s 2000 Cadillac DeVille DTSi sedan that he collaborated with the automaker and prototype firm, Wheel to Wheel, is now up for auction. 

The vehicle comes equipped with a performance suspension and brakes along with modified intake and exhaust systems for its 4.6-liter Northstar V8, increasing its horsepower from 300 horsepower to 398 horsepower. 

Underneath the umbrella of Tim Allen Design, Allen himself sketched a personalized grille. He also worked on the carbon fiber rocker panel extensions. There is also a new trunk lid with a narrower opening for the tag instead of the original.

“I have always enjoyed design and, of course, cars. So to was an amazing opportunity and a bunch of fun to get the chance to work with Cadillac and combine both my passions creating this DeVille,” Allen once said.

Tim Allen’s Cadillac not without its flaws

The Cadillac is also loaded with luxury equipment, including leather upholstery, navigation, and a night-vision camera system.

As for its miles, it currently sits at just 13,400 miles on the odometer. It’s currently owned by the Petersen Automotive Museum, which bought it in 2018 and is now offering it on the Cars & Bids auction site.

Sadly, this Cadillac isn’t without its imperfections, despite the low mileage. There are gaps in the service history, with only one key. In addition, it has old tires and some chips and scuffs on the wheels. Finally, the trunk’s unique TAD (Tim Allen Design) badge looks like it’s seen better days. 

In other Tim Allen news, Allen has been making headlines and trending on Twitter recently. He was not recast as Buzz in the new Lightyear movie. Since the news broke, fans of Allen and the Toy Story franchise were up in arms about the controversy. However, the controversy continued when Disney announced that Marvel Comics’ most prominent actors, Chris Evans, would take on the role.