Tim Allen’s Custom Cadillac DeVille Is Worth a Small Fortune

by Emily Morgan

Tim Allen may be known for his iconic TV and movie roles, but he’s also a car enthusiast. In fact, if he ever decides to quit acting, he can retire thanks to his custom Cadillac DeVille. As it turns out, the classic ride is worth a small fortune.

The 2000 Cadillac, which was recently put up for auction, is customized personally by Allen. This week, the vehicle was auctioned off online for an astounding price.

As it turns out, the “Home Improvement” actor worked with Cadillac on the car to outfit it with his personal touches. As a result, the car features a V8 engine modified to increase its power from 300 horsepower to 398 horsepower.

The original Buzz Lightyear voice actor added a performance car fan, upgraded brakes and suspension, and a few original styling touches, including a grille and rocker panel extensions.

In addition, the custom car only has 13,400 miles on the odometer. It had been part of the collection of the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles since 2018, which recently listed it on the Cars & Bids auction website.

Per researchers, a typical price tag for a common 2000 DeVille is around $10,000. However, Allen’s was priced much more than that.

After nearly 30 bids over several days, the Cadillac finally went to a bidder for a sale price of $35,500, more than triple the average. It’s also the highest price for one major item on an online auction for the past five years.

Tim Allen’s Ford GT sells for massive amount

However, this isn’t the “Home Improvement” star’s biggest sale in recent months. In 2021, the Michigan native auctioned off his 2017 Ford GT supercar, which initially cost $485,500. He later sold the car for a cool $1 million.

Allen, who collects cars in his free time, was one of the first customers for the GT, which he called his “silver spaceship” in a video he posted to YouTube. According to reports, Ford will only make less than 2,000 models through 2022. However, demand for the car has caused used models to sell for upwards of $1.8 million.

However, Ford is also selective about who can purchase one of these beauties. According to Allen, who considers himself a Ford fanatic, the process was far from easy. “It was like getting into Stanford,” he said about getting the chance to own the GT.

“I can’t believe the amount of paperwork to get on the list … to OK you to buy a car that they wouldn’t even tell you how much it cost.” However, after owning the car, Allen says he has mixed feelings about it.

“In its element, I’ve never driven a more fantastic automobile,” he explained during a tour of his garage, but he mentioned it was impractical.