Tim Allen and Daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick Describe Working Together on ‘The Santa Clauses’

by Joe Rutland
(The Walt Disney Company via Getty Images)

When Tim Allen has his daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick, 13, along for the ride in The Santa Clauses, it can become a surreal experience. Allen-Dick had something to say about her father’s presence in the upcoming Disney+ series. “He was there when I needed help, but he also let me kind of figure it out, too, which I really liked,” Allen-Dick said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight about working with her father, Fox News reports.

Allen-Dick was originally going to be a background elf. Per her father’s request, she really did impress the team gathered for the show. How so? By her comedic timing. “She drilled a very difficult mood joke, and she kept on it all the way through,” Allen said. It was through his daughter’s audition that led to her being cast as Scott Calvin’s youngest daughter, Sandra.

Daughter Of Tim Allen Talked About Getting Into Her Character

Allen’s daughter had a few words to say about that initial day of filming. “Walking down…He has the fat suit on, the makeup, and the hair, and it was just the most surreal moment,” Allen-Dick said. “I got goosebumps and I see like everyone around me, the whole cast and crew is like speechless.”

She also knows how much of a cultural imprint that Tim Allen’s role of Santa has in pop culture. “It’s crazy because I have to think like, this is the character that they watched when they were like kids, and it was amazing to see,” Allen-Dick said. But Tim Allen is really clear that his daughter earned her spot in the show. “I said it had very little to do [with the fact] that she’s related to me; she earned it,” he said.

The young star did say that Allen let her “experience it how I want it to,” referring to filming for the show. For example, she said, “He taught me a lot of things but one that stuck with me was [about] getting into the character and then adding your little twist to it. Being that character, get used to the character, make friends with the character, and then kind of add some of your qualities to it and see how you can make it your own.”

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