Tim Allen’s Fans Are Loving His Incredible ‘Shot of the Day’: See the Pic

by Emily Morgan

Tim Allen may be known for his work as an actor and comedian, but he’s also an amateur photographer. On Wednesday, the “Home Improvement” star took to Twitter to post a pic he snapped himself.

“So cool, stopped my truck ran out and got the shot of the day before this old cruiser motored out of sight behind some trees,” the “Last Man Standing” star penned alongside a photo of a classically cool boat.

In the pic, his followers can see a singular boat chugging along in the water with fog surrounding the trees in the background.

The photo comes amid a recent incident involving Allen’s yacht. Over the Fourth of July weekend, the 69-year-old’s 54-foot yacht leaked over two dozen gallons of fuel into the water at a Michigan marina. Now, he’s responsible for paying for the cleanup.

The longtime voice actor of the ‘Pure Michigan’ travel commercials shut down the Northport Marina on Lake Michigan as staff cleared the harbor of about 30 gallons of diesel that leaked from his boat.

According to reports, the actor’s 59,000-pound boat can hold up to 700 gallons of fuel. According to Soundings, the actor upgraded to a half-million-dollar Uniesse yacht in 2005.

The local fire department said they were not made aware of the incident until an hour after it happened and could not begin the cleanup until the next day. The department also reported using at least 1,000 oil pads to clean up the diesel.

The “Tool Time” actor later confirmed that the spill had occurred. Yet, he admitted he did not know it was happening until it was pointed out to him by bystanders.

‘I don’t think he had any idea what was going on,” said Leelanau Township Fire Chief Hugh Cook.

Tim Allen felt ‘uncomfortable’ about shutting down Michigan marina

Onlookers reported the spill to authorities at about 5 pm local time on July 3. The diesel fuel was contained mainly within the marina’s breakwaters. However, the fire department confirmed that a beach just south of the harbor was also closed after fuel washed up on shore.

Northport Village Marina Harbormaster Bill Rosemurgy said the protocol was “nobody in and nobody out.” The marina later reopened on the evening of July 4.

“I felt very uncomfortable closing the harbor down for everybody,” Allen told the Record Eagle. He added that he was going to help them “get it open.”

Cook also said that the spill began when a fuel filter gasket blew in the vessel’s engine compartment. This caused the diesel to pool on the floor.

As the fuel flooded the compartment, the bilge pumped the diesel out of the side of the boat. As a result, it went into the marina’s waters.

Allen said that the accident occurred at a location nearly six miles south of the marina.