Tim Allen Gets Social Media Fired Up With ‘Pronoun’ Tweet That ‘Maybe Offends Everyone Equally’

by Caitlin Berard

It’s been a couple of weeks since Tim Allen set social media ablaze with the joke about skillets that half of the Twitterverse deemed “cheesy” and derivative and the other half found hilarious. He returned with another controversial tweet today, however, this one designed to “offend.”

In his latest tweet, the Santa Clause star wrote, “At last I have a pronoun that includes and maybe offends everyone equally: ‘Hey you.'”

And, well, he was wrong. Rather than being “equally offended,” users were divided over the comment. Some agreed with Tim Allen, responding with “pronouns” of their own such as “dude” and “man” and joking that they use “hey you” to address someone when at a loss for a name.

“I use that one all the time – mostly because I’m bad with names,” one user wrote. “I’m going for ‘Your Majesty,'” another user joked.

Other users, however, took the tweet more seriously, expressing distaste for the thought. “It’s a pretty clear sign the person doesn’t remember you whatsoever. Heeeey you! I can’t believe it’s you, been a while since I’ve seen you! Lol it’s offensive,” one user said. “Imagine if people simply got to know people and actually learned and used their names,” another wrote.

Chris Evans Recalls Being ‘Intimidated’ by Taking Tim Allen’s Place as Buzz Lightyear

When Disney announced their Buzz Lightyear origin story, Lightyear, fans assumed the iconic space ranger would be played by Tim Allen. The director of the film, however, had other plans.

Director Angus MacLane felt that a movie about the man who inspired the Buzz Lightyear toy in Toy Story was a confusing enough concept without having the same actor voice both characters. So instead, he cast Chris Evans to play Buzz Lightyear the man, preserving Tim Allen’s role as Buzz Lightyear the toy.

And though Chris Evans was “humbled” to earn such an incredible role, he also felt “overwhelmed” and “intimidated” by the task of filling Tim Allen’s shoes. “It’s scary territory to kind of enter,” Evans explained to Complex. “Specifically because I’ve never really had the responsibility of such a character. I’ve done one voice before actually, maybe two. But they were small roles so this is obviously a little bit more of a weight.”

“It’s a character that has already been played by someone very, very well,” he continued. “So you have big shoes to fill. But at the end of the day, you just put your trust in Pixar and trust that they know what they’re doing.”