Tim Allen Gives Fans First Glimpse of ‘The Santa Clause’ Series From Disney Plus

by Megan Molseed

How does one reveal a first look at one of the most magical places in the world? Well, if you’re anything like The Santa Clause star Tim Allen, you give fans a quick glimpse in a sneak-peek Twitter post!

On Wednesday, May 4, Tim Allen took to Twitter to share a first look at the upcoming Disney + streaming series. In the sneak-peek tweet, the Last Man Standing star shares a photo from the North Pole. Or, the North Pole we know from the Santa Clause franchise.

The picture included in the tweet depicts Santa’s office which is all adorned with festive Christmas lights. Lights that one can only assume are on display year-round in the big guy’s office.

“Might just be a photo of Santa’s office,” Tim Allen quips in his magical Wednesday afternoon tweet.

“But don’t tell anyone,” the Santa Clause star adds.

It’s a photo that sends fans of the original Santa Clause film series down memory lane, gearing us up for the upcoming Disney + series titled The Clauses.

The Clauses reunite Tim Allen with former Last Man Standing executive producer Jack Burditt. The series also brings back some familiar franchise faces, as well as some new characters.

Tim Allen Reprises His Santa Clause Roll In New Disney + Limited Series

The new Disney + streaming service limited series sees Allen’s Scott Calvin (Santa Claus) and his wife Elizabeth Mitchell’s Carol Calvin (Mrs. Clause) back at it in the North Pole. Tim Allen’s real-life daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick also stars in the limited series as the Claus’s daughter Sandra. Austin Kane portrays the couple’s son Cal.

Of course, the Santa Clause’s star needs some help in the workshop; and this comes with the work of the big-guys right-hand helper an elf named Noel who is portrayed by Devin Bright. Matilda Lawler portrays Betty, the endlessly series Chief of Staff at Santa’s workshop.

Will The Santa Clause Find A New Replacement To Stand In As the “Head Elf”?

Kal Penn joins the Santa Clause cast portraying a video-game developer named Simon Choski. Simon and his daughter, Rupali Redd’s Grace, end up at the North Pole. And, as is typical in the Santa Clause franchise, Simon and Grace’s life change drastically while visiting the magical place. Furthermore, Allen’s Santa is searching for his replacement. Will Simon make the perfect candidate to take on this role?

All three movies within the The Santa Clause film franchise are available to stream on Disney +. Giving fans a chance to catch up on the storyline before the series premieres on the streaming service. The popular franchise began in the 1990s when the original film became an instant holiday classic.

In the film, Tim Allen portrays a single father named Scott who, through a series of hilarious misadventures, teams up with his young son to finish Santa’s duties after Scott accidentally injures the big guy. Since then, the Santa Clause has seen two sequels, 2002’s The Santa Clause 2 and the 2006 film, The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.