Tim Allen Honors Medal of Honor Recipients in Heartfelt Message: ‘Freedom Is Not Free’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Tim Allen loves his country and has a high amount of respect for those individuals who have served their country as well. On Saturday, Allen reflected a little bit on sitting with Medal of Honor and UK Victoria award recipients. As you can tell from his tweet, Allen would look upon these people and admire their qualities. In part, he wrote, “These are very special humans who never say that. They express patriotism, integrity, sacrifice, courage, commitment and citizenship. They remind: Freedom is not free.”

As some Allen fans probably know, he is busy working on a new series for TV based on The Santa Clause movies. In fact, we’re expecting this series to come on out of Disney+. Still, Allen would reflect upon how magical and wonderful it is to work with his daughter, Elizabeth Allen-Dick. “You know, it’s been such an organic experience and overzealously it’s great to work with, there’s no question about it,” Allen would tell E! News. Then, after looking at his daughter, he said, “It was life-changing for me.” Oh, by the way, this TV series will be titled The Santa Clauses. Allen-Dick will play Sandra on the show.

Tim Allen Show ‘Home Improvement’ Arrived On Streaming Platform

While we know that there are fans of this work from Allen, others fondly remember him playing Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on Home Improvement. Some people may have been wondering where in the world they could see this funny sitcom. Well, we have some news for you on that front. Yes, the show about something will be coming to a streaming platform near you. Which one? If you have Hulu, then you can find the shows on that platform. The show actually started running on Hulu back in September. Other shows on there from the Allen repertoire include Last Man Standing and Assembly Required. Besides working on The Santa Clauses, Allen has come back to cable TV with his series More Power which also has his Home Improvement pal Richard Karn along for the ride.

Meanwhile, Tim Allen sometimes loves to play with his fans’ heartstrings. No, not in a malicious way. But he finds different photos or even phrases that will perk up their ears. For this post on Twitter, Allen simply put up a picture of a tree. It would reflect back on a 1997 film titled Jungle 2 Jungle which is part of Allen’s filmography. For this tweet, Allen wrote “Moved again.”