Tim Allen Posts Message of Gratitude Ahead of ‘More Power’ Premiere on History Channel

by Samantha Whidden

With his new History Channel series “More Power” set to premiere on June 29th, former “Home Improvement” star Tim Allen reflects on the upcoming show. 

“Learned and laughter so much doing this History Channel gig: ‘More Power,’ Tim Allen shared in a tweet. “Wonder where they got that cool title? So appreciate all who fix the stuff that fixes the stuff that makes the stuff. RRR!”

As previously reported, “More Power” is described as a 10-part series about “passionate projects” for former co-stars and real-life friends, Tim Allen and Richard Karn. 

In a statement, Tim Allen declared, “Albert Einstein once said, ‘I’m not a genius, I’m just passionately curious. Having the opportunity to explore my curiosity in-depth and really get to know more about the people and things that make us what we are today gets me excited. And what better pal to have at my side than Richard Karn?” 

Tim Allen further commented that he and Karn share a great appreciation for people who can solve problems not by talking about the problems, but by “doing” the problems with creativity and “amazing” skills. TV Insider further revealed that each of the new show’s half-hour episodes will be themed around one tool.

Karn also released a statement about the upcoming series.“My friendship with Tim has lasted over 30 years… in a row! The chance to do a show like Tool Time was unquestionably exciting. We may not have Binford but we still will have a world of fun!”

Tim Allen and Richard Karn previously worked together on “Home Improvement” as well as “Assembly Required.” They are also teaming up with YouTube star April Wilkerson once again for “More Power.”

Tim Allen Jokes About Seeing ‘Home Improvement’ Co-Star Richard Karn ‘Way Too Much’ 

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight in 2021, Tim Allen discussed his “Home Improvement” co-stars and the relationship he has with all of them, including Richard Karn. “All of us are real close. I still see Richard way too much, boy, way too much.”

Karn also spoke to the media outlet by stating it doesn’t feel like 30 years since “Home Improvement” premiere. Allen further explained why he originally wanted Karn to be part of their “Assembly Required” series. “I wanted to have Richard a part of this because it seemed like a reality extension of what ‘Tool Time’ really was, where I add more power to it, I break something, he’d be the reality side of it, and it was a good fit.”

Karn went on to add, “Well, it’s improv with editing. Because more than half of the stuff we can’t even use. I don’t think America is ready for that.”

Karn then spoke about how “Home Improvement” continues to have a devoted and vocal fanbase. “I think it resonates with the parents that grew up with it and are now able to show their kids something that they can all sit together and watch.”