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Tim Allen Praises Kirstie Alley for Standing Up to Critics While Mourning Her Death

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images)

Comedian Tim Allen spoke highly of Kirstie Alley after she passed away from colon cancer Monday at 71 years old. Upon hearing the news of his For Richer or Poorer co-star’s passing, the Toy Story actor expressed his sadness in a recent interview. He also took a moment to reflect on how he wanted her to be remembered.

“I wish I could accentuate how independent her thought was and how beautiful her thought was and how organic her thought was in her heart. It’s difficult, and she never put that on another person,” Allen told Fox News.

The actor noted he appreciated her standing up for what she believed in. “Of course, she liked people that disagreed with her, and she said that and how important it was to have other people. It’s confusing when you hear the word ‘tolerant’ and then you get attacked.”

Alley was astonished by the extremely negative reaction she got in 2021 for expressing support of former President Donald Trump on an episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight. The star recalled a project from five years prior, during which she first voiced her interest in voting for Trump. Alley’s public declaration sparked other producers to come forward with their own stories, admitting they had similar experiences. However, they were afraid to speak up for fear of professional backlash. “People go, ‘You’re so brave.’ I go, ‘No, I think I’m stupid,'” she quipped. “Because honestly, it is a real situation. And it is a real blackballing situation. And it’s so strange to me because artists are free-thinkers for the most part.”

Tim Allen called Kirstie Alley ‘brilliant’ in her political disagreements

The actress pointed out how many of her colleagues would do things such as heavy drugs throughout their careers and not face the same repercussions that people supporting conservative thinking experience today. Alley was a supporter of Trump throughout his two elections and stated her conservative views frequently on social media.

Allen stated that Alley was “brilliant” in how she dealt with people who disagreed with her politically. This comes after the controversy surrounding Allen’s own conservative values. “She put it, so much better than I can, just brilliant,” Allen explained. “‘Of course, I care about the environment. Of course, I care about people’s rights and all this.'”

Tim Allen went on to point out mixed messages that can be found in Hollywood. “And it points to people that attack you and call themselves tolerant. You can’t do both of those,” Allen said. “It gets very confusing for somebody who loves — I love other people’s opinions. I’m around a lot of different opinions.” The Santa Clause star said it was tough to be around people who are constantly harassing you and say they’re tolerant. “It doesn’t make much sense,” Allen noted.

For Richer or Poorer is a 1997 romantic comedy in which Allen and Alley play a wealthy Manhattan couple. They find themselves in both marital and financial trouble throughout the film. They go into hiding and pretend to be Amish to escape the IRS. After Alley passed away on Monday, Allen posted a tribute to her social media. “A sweet soul pass on in Kristie Alley. Sad, sad news. Prayers for all her family,” he Tweeted.