Tim Allen Reveals Photo That Had Him ‘Busting Up Laughing’ in a Public Restroom

by Megan Molseed

Actor and comedian Tim Allen certainly knows funny. After all, he’s been a big part of the comedy scene for decades now, performing on stage, starring in massively popular TV sitcoms, and taking on the film world by storm voicing the iconic Buzz Lightyear in the first four Pixar Toy Story films, as well as in multiple shorts and specials.

So, when the Last Man Standing star sees something in the men’s room that makes him crack up while on the road for a comedy tour, we know it’s worthwhile. Especially if this something funny causes the comedian to bust out laughing right there in the public restroom!

Tim Allen Shares What It Was That Lead To Him “Busting Up Laughing” In A Public Restroom While On Tour

In a recent Twitter post, Tim Allen shares a photo that had him “busting up laughing” while using a public restroom. The post shares a framed joke all about one man’s very unfortunate incident.

“Saw this in a bathroom while doing my concerts on the road,” Tim Allen shares in the August 14 Twitter post.

“Wonder how weird it was outside the restroom,” the comedian inquires noting that anyone on the other side of the door would be “hearing a dude busting up laughing alone in a public restroom.”

So, What Was This Joke That Led To Tim Allen’s Hilarious Restroom Moment?

Well, it’s not a joke per se. This very funny piece of framed bathroom literature that led to Tim Allen’s bathroom laughter is actually a newspaper clip detailing a robbery that had gone very wrong. So wrong, in fact, that the robber injured himself so terribly that he was unable to flee the scene…leading to his eventual capture.

According to the framed article, a man was robbing a Chicago restaurant when a hilarious series of events unfolded, leading to a major injury…and the criminal’s arrest. According to the piece, a man walked into the Chicago-based establishment, demanding money. He was able to get the cash fairly quickly it seems. However, the entire hold-up would soon go terribly wrong.

According to the article, the robber suffered a major injury in a very sensitive area when he attempted to flee. “As the suspect began to flee, he shifted the gun on his waistband and apparently pulled the trigger, shooting himself” the article relates.

It turns out that this shooting injury hit the criminal right in his private area, essentially stopping him in his tracks. The police were able to track him down almost immediately since the injury was so painful that the robber was unable to flee the scene.